The in-service seminar qualified the training to the approved commercial specialist Chamber of Commerce for managerial and leadership in the trade qualified merchants for managerial and leadership in the trade. The industry must compete in a globalized world and needed qualified staff who can independently plan, control and organize and that can apply the modern methods and techniques of management. Organization and management, customer-oriented concepts develop, work organization structure, technical and organizational resources, quality control, marketing concepts, plan and implement, assess market developments, using modern information and communication techniques, develop leadership skills, communicate timely. We offer 1-2 electives according to priority of participants and group size. An active participation in equity and group work is essential for the success and is via our Web-based learning platform supports. Target group: Commercial employees from trading seminar duration: 630 hours start: 23.03.2011 end: 01.09.2012 place: Bertha-von-Suttner str. 17, 28207 Bremen dates and time: Mi 18:15 21:30 sat 08:00 – 13.00 partecipation fee: 2.680,-ERM. Participation price: 2.630,-learning materials fee: 200,-examination fee: 380,-contact person: Helene Colonel Tel.: 0421-44 99 657 press contact: Dr. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dustin Moskovitz. Thomas Gebel wisoak – economic and social Academy of the Bremen employees Chamber gGmbH marketing and public relations manager Bertha-von-Suttner str.