Long since, education has been an accepted change technique. Education is the main causal mechanism in the modeling of behavior, analysis of the field of forces, and life and career planning. 6. Participation. This refers to activities that increase the number of people who are It allows them to become involved in the resolution of problems, targets, and the generation of new ideas. It has been shown that participation increases the quality and acceptance of decisions, work satisfaction, and which promotes the welfare of the employees. Participation is the main mechanism that sustains quality circles, collateral organizations, programmes of quality of life at work (CVT), the formation of teams, feedback surveys, and the boards of Beckhard confrontation. It is very likely that participation plays a role in most of the interventions of the OJ.

7. Increasing responsibility. This means that they clarify who is responsible for what, and they monitored the performance relating to those responsibilities. These two aspects must be present so that the liability improves the performance. OJ interventions that increase the liability are the technique of the analysis of the role, the delineation of responsibilities, the Gestal of the OJ, the life and career, circles of quality, management by objectives (APO), self-directed teams, and planning participation.

8. Power and growing optimism. This refers to the activities that provide power to people and motivate them through visions of new possibilities or new desired futures. The future must be desirable, merit and achievable. Increased energy and optimism often are the direct results of interventions such as appreciative inquiry, vision, bring together whole system in the room, the quality of life at work programmes, future search conferences, total quality programmes, the self-directed teams, etc. These are some of the areas that should be considered when planning programmes OJ, are chosen interventions, and are put into practice and managed interventions of OJ. You learn through experience, readings, workshops, teachers, and reflecting on the successes and failures..