The handling of the wrath will be helpful at the time of leaving that state of rage. It does not matter if it is a fresh wrath or if one is the repressed wrath. Second it is that one anger that resides in you. If you allow that it grows, will become an ugly scar and they would be reflected in your attitudes. If you are angry with somebody, and you repress your anger for some reason, this one will become the repressed wrath. Unless you learn some techniques of the handling of the free wrath, never you are going to surpass this rage and is very possible that this, explodes you imagine at least it. The fresh wrath exists, that one that is caused then.

Nevertheless this can become a repressed wrath. This will happen if you allow that it remains in your mind. Therefore it is a necessity that you clean your mind and you apply this popular blotch and counts new. Whenever Asana listens, a sympathetic response will follow. If it is to you difficult to undo of this type of fresh rage, that is to say of the moment, there are some advice for you, who helped you to learn how to erase of your east mind episode. When you decide to begin to control your wrath, it is very probable that you find that the techniques of self-help, provides a solution to you. In addition they teach a to you: to solve your problems of wrath, different methods to do against the same, the reorientation of the emotional expressions, the control of the uncontrollable wrath and helps you to pardon to the others. The power to handle and to control your wrath, does not mean that you must suppress it, but is better to learn to show it without needing harming to others of any way. It remembers that if you have desire to kick to your fellow by any evil that had done to you, you maintain and it within you, is possible that you explode in a while against unexpected him.

When you learn to handle your wrath you discover like showing it of free way and without hurting to anybody. For example you can kick a pillow or a bed, thus your wrath has gone away of an alternative way and without damages. Perhaps the people are many who think that the mental therapy by itself is the unique form to learn to handle the wrath. But this is not certain. They also require a physical effort, if you have like objective the complete lightening of your wrath, then they ten in account that some simple physical exercises exist (like yoga), that helped you to leave your tense mood. To make abdominal also will reduce your wrath. The secret behind this complex handling of the wrath, is that everything what you need when you are angry, is the deviation of your mood to another thing, instead of to put all their concentration on the situation that would have caused your anger. You can control your anger looking for something alternative that it helps you to unload the tension.