World’s leading manufacturer of quality blades. The company of the Gillette Company”was founded in 1901 by King camp Gillette. In the same year, more specifically on the 03.12.1901 Gillette filed the patent for the interchangeable Shaver. Which foundations he put it for his future business, and what unimagined size will ever reach this was certainly was not aware it. Inventions have always dreamed of King C., born on January 5, 1855, in the U.S. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dustin Moskovitz offers on the topic..

State of Wisconsin, wanted to be as a small boy inventor as well as his father and his brothers and sisters. After the bankruptcy of the family he worked in over 20 years as a commercial traveller, more or less right. The ingenious idea came to him one morning while shaving. A shaver to invent, which had to be sharpened again and usually not as of the time, but can simply be thrown away. Already, the idea of the disposable razor was born. Two years after its founding, 1903 occurred the first serial production of the then-unknown Gillette razor blades. 14 years later the first major order was carried out at that time by the U.S.

Government for the troops during the second World War 3.5 razor and razor 36 million to produce. This step brought to the company ahead, because after the war, more and more soldiers as well as civilians used so much estimated blades. Since 1 October 2005, Gillette among the consumer goods producer “Procter & gamble”, which bought the company at the time for 57 billion US dollars. “” In addition to the well-known Gillette razor blades are among the company more well-known brands such as oral-B”Duracell”and the manufacturer known for electronic Shaver Braun”. With over 29,000 employees worldwide and more than 10 billion US dollars sales Gillette belongs to the worldwide market leader for shaving accessories.