HyperSolar film can increase the efficiency of the solar panel in up to 300%, what makes solar energy competitive with fossil fuels. As to the U.S. Government.UU. Many writers such as Ping Fu offer more in-depth analysis. It continues to give billions in subsidies to the richest in the world, oil companies and coal, the solar industry has been struggling to succeed in the United States. This is sad for many reasons, one of which is that we are losing one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

There are currently 16 gigawatts of solar power installed globally. That number will increase to about 1,800 gigawatt in the next 20 years, making it one of the best creators of employment. U.S. engineers.UU. Daryl Katz, Canada gathered all the information. they invented the solar panel, and the United States.UU. they can return to dominate that market. Fortunately HyperSolar, a new U.S. company.UU., offers a ray of hope sunny clean energy frontier.

The company does not manufacture solar panels. What it does is to be ultra-eficientes with a field of science called Photonics. Similar to a microchip that moves individual bits of data at full speed, the thin films of HyperSolar increase separates specific light spectra, and delivers them exactly where needed to make a series of ultra-eficientes solar photovoltaic cells. I saw a prototype for an optical coating of increase a few years ago, but the company was dark at that time, so I could not write about innovation. But I’m so excited now as it was then with good reason the optical layer HyperSolar can increase the photovoltaic efficiency up to 300 percent! In theory this means halving the cost of installing a solar panel. Instead of a solar energy system that costs 30,000 (or more) only would cost 15,000 (or less), so the much smaller initial investment and much faster recovery periods. This is a great example of a technology that can take us to the Holy Grail of network parity what It means that solar energy would be as affordable as other energy sources such as coal and natural gas. And no more polluting mines of coal or hydraulic fracturing for natural gas! The Sun (at least for the next 5 million years) will provide free and abundant energy. Depends on us if we want to invest in technology or that continue to destroy our beautiful landscapes for some more years to be coal cheaper. Innovations like this make that several recent reports to ring true. If we have the political will to overcome the dominance of the industry of fossil fuels on the energy policy of our country, which could become on 100 per cent renewable a 2030-2050 time frame. Take a look at these two reports and a new study by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) about how large-scale wind energy is now cost-competitive with natural gas: Physorg.com: 100% renewable energy in 2030 WWF: 100% (non-nuclear) renewable energies by the year 2050 AWEA: Gas wind cost of competition with what you think? Can we stop the habit of fossil fuels?