The received one happened with the appreciation of Smem Music of the Ambrosio Master, and at the same time the dynamics: to be in pair caught in the hands and to change finally when necessary and, both to be hugged. Emps, the Formadoras de Cincias of the Nature, had organized and systemize the popular jury, where we had as defenders the Agnaldo participants (agriculture peasant) and Simoni (agronegcio), the Young woman as the female judge. Then, at this moment, where the defenders had acted perceive how much they had assumen themselves of what we had studied until then, a time that had significant lectures as of the teacher Horasa, Oscar and Molica that had wisely given with many beddings the concepts until then, argued. As the presentation of the defender of agriculture peasant, who requires a new model of the practical agriculturist, to favor the agroecologia, it explanou well, the improvements of agriculture with the agroecologico model, however it did not use itself, in the researchers of the branch, as Altieri, Gleisman, Caporal and others. Ahead of this, the performance of the same left to desire in its arguments for the persuasion of the juries.

Already the performance of the defender of the agronegcio, the Simoni, acted validates in the researchers of the University and the Molica researcher whom the lecture gives wisely, and occasioned effect for the defender, therefore it made a historical rescue of the system of production, speaking of the genetic improvement, technological package that exists, does not require effort for the profit attainment very and that the chickens do not have hormones. It convinced the Simoni exactly, and it had an eloquent argument and that it led to the juries to approve the agronegcio. Both had had good arguments after, what it made it difficult the choice of the juries, this activity, the Formadoras of mathematics aturam, explaining the reason to have approved the agronegcio.