Spicy health workers what the Christmas season without their typical condiments? Vanilla, cloves, cardamom and many other fragrant ingredients ensure only the right taste in many dishes in the cold season. s. They spread not only fuzzy feeling of advent, but wear also healing in itself. The news portal news.de reported healthy spices to the advent season. No domestic Christmas bakery comes out these days without the traditional spices. By anise cinnamon, various smells flow through kitchens and Christmas markets. What few people know: mainly for the health star Cameron and co. are a blessing.

The classic cinnamon has a particularly appetizing and antibacterial effect. Cast as a tea, it helps against intestinal discomfort and nausea. One of the most expensive spices all over the world, the cardamom, softens as discomfort and bloating. To obtain the effective ingredients, fresh seeds from the capsule can away, roasted and be ground. For colds, anise advisable, however, because he has an expectorant effect.

He can be a easy to punch and as syrup. Carnations also have severe neck pain or dental complaints who can rely on the home remedies. Cloves have a very strong equity aroma is recommended to apply the oil thereof only diluted. Only for severe tooth pain, the bite on a whole clove is useful, because this is a numbing effect. Official site: Daryl Katz. More information:… News.de GmbH Lisa Neumann