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PETA President Ingrid Newkirk

Gerlingen the advent and Christmas season is a good time for the chocolate manufacturers thanks to the increased demand for confectionery. Mars Inc. and its German partner master food, however troubled times ahead. The international animal rights organization PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) is now launching a worldwide campaign against the makers of Mars, bounty, Snickers, Twix and co. The confectionery giant has fallen into the criticism of animal rights activists when they found out that Mars Inc. in the United States funded cruel and deadly animal tests on rabbits, Guinea pigs, mice and rats and can perform. While not a single one of the experiments of Mars Inc.

is prescribed by the local legislature in the United States. Currently, Mars financed a deadly experiment on rats, with the effect of chocolate on their blood vessels to be tested. Experimenters have force-fed rats with the help of plastic hoses and then cut the legs of animals, to expose an artery that is clamped to the blood flow to stop. After the test, the animals are killed. In addition, Mars funded cruel experiments in mice, in which the animals an a sweet substance has been administered and they were then forced to swim in a pool with water and color. The mice had to find a hidden platform to drown not only to be then killed and dissected.

Another test supported by Mars, were fed rats with cocoa and anesthetized with carbon dioxide, so that it could drain blood directly from the heart with a needle them that often leads to internal bleeding and other deadly complications. “Not a candy bar in the world is worth that animals have to suffer so much.” says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk and worldwide calls for protests against the confectionery manufacturer. In addition to Mars’ biggest competitor Hershey have already also Coca-Cola, PepsiCo responds to worldwide pressure from PETA with a complete abandonment of any animal testing. PETA Germany e.V. is together with its Sister organizations with over 1.8 million supporters the world’s largest animal rights organization. Goal of the organization is educating the public and change the way of life to give each animal a better life by uncovering animal cruelty. Press Office: PETA Germany e.V diesel str. 21 70839 Gerlingen 07156-178-2826 07156-178-2810 Web:


Squeaky falling roll-up door of the tavern, no one could imagine that it was falling forever. It wasn’t a holiday shutdown, step into the past of a sum of moments that would not return to coincide with the present. That the lived experience is something that happens to us at every step and always suddenly pass to the past. It is known. But not it is disturbing that, with a simple punto y aparte, disappear for no return characters as the plump Grason Captain Ruddy Doris or malcarado Mourinho and the self-absorbed Guardiola; or Juanita death with his Scythe to the shoulder and his Sevillian costume; or speaker Tin Lotina trapped in the itinerant backpack of an indignant Red Riding Hood; or the disconsolate Valdano sacked and gagged by a President relegated to Butler in his own House; or the devil himself and my sweet Amanda, invisible mother of a child of unknown parents and swastikas on the buttocks. All they and others fictional, or not so much, it had vanished swallowed up by London fog at the height of the sinister black friars bridge. Source of the news:: Storm surge

Surf Safely: Web Pages On SPAM Test

Many websites spying their visitors. Continue to learn more with: Dustin Moskovitz. With you unmask the culprit. Webmasters have waited long: with there is now a service of free and online not only a detailed search engine optimization report (SEO) with provides backlinks and SERP ranks for any Web pages, but parses the content quality and readability of a Web page. This calculated the Flesch reading ease (FRE) – a measure of readability of a text. A greater than 70 FRE stands for highly readable, understandable texts. The number of words per sentence and the average number of syllables per word are decisive for the FRE. In addition, you can check any Web pages on SPAM and on their proximity to link exchange and purchase at

For this purpose, not just typical SPAM words are identified, but also dangerous SPAM code. Because many Web sites annoy their visitors not only with advertising, but spying user behavior. Such a site can with quickly unmask. All audited websites are clearly represented in ranking lists with the test result. So, visitors at a glance see on which sites offer is and where you should better not to surf. Anna Heinrich

Tel Communication

May 5, 2011, BusinessLoungeOst, RheinEnergieStadion Cologne new communication ways Cologne’s economy is in the development and the use of modern information technologies at the front. Innovative, while at the same time secure communication on electronic means of communication is therefore also a priority on the Cologne GmbH-man-rer a day on May 5 in the business lounge East of the Rhine energy Stadium. For a media city Cologne, fast, secure and reliable communication channels are a must. The initiative of Deutsche Post AG, as many citizens, to link companies and authorities in the region of Cologne-Bonn with the E-letters, has arrived just in time. How does the E-letters, what benefits it provides and how it conflicts with the security of the sent information, explains the participating Stefan Schmidt of Heads of GmbH, Vice President, Deutsche Post AG. First practical experience of companies from the region, who already successfully use the E-letters, will be presented in a workshop. As more topics for which total seven Impulse lectures of 4.

GmbH Managing Director day of the Organizer, the business magazine has selected gmbhchef, current focus issues around the management of a limited liability company: the spectrum ranges from the safe control design of CEO salary on the dangers of hidden profit distribution to sales strategies for difficult cases. The first three in-depth workshops are offered. The GmbH Managing Director days, which take place this year in addition to Cologne also on 28 June in Dusseldorf and on July 5 in Bonn, is above all the regional networking and strengthening GmbH medium-sized enterprises in the region. The accompanying trade fair, which gives visitors the opportunity offers from the region specifically for GmbH Managing Director to find out about is used. More information and registration possibility under or Tel.

Establishment And Debtor Countries

"It was not lost in ignorance, but need time. Check with Dustin Moskovitz to learn more. It was necessary to attract new cause of votes and the arms of the crowd. It was necessary to know the slave who had rights equal to those of his master, and that those who had oppressed until then were only a few tyrants who could kill with the first hint of its value, and instead of saying, the Sovereignty resides in the reason for the people, said the people are sovereign …". We could not continue paying the debt, hunger is rampant, neo-liberalism has failed as an economic doctrine, but stayed with the hegemonic power of the material universe. Three-quarters of humanity are in poverty. But arrogance is held by the monetary structures, the government corruption and extortion large.

Now all you have to maintain a period of terror, and for that you are equipped. Believing that the power will stay waiting is not know how they operate. The establishment led our nation during the Martinez de Hoz, to be guinea pigs for a fictitious debt in most cases, the destruction of national productive apparatus, and a total subordination to world power. Continue the same statement the Radicals, Peronism remains unchanged and returns the radicalism of the borrowing requirement, demanding payment services over the famine. During the symposium on foreign debt in Berne (1985), the most important World Cup H. Kissinger and Z. Brzezinski argued: "There is no painless way to debtor countries to resolve their plight, but we propose some alternatives to adjustment programs of the International Monetary Fund.


How to win a man – a question that stirs the hearts and minds of every woman and girl. Is there a universal secret, which will fall in love with a man? Answer – YES! But before I reveal a very simple but very effective secrets, I will talk about the difficulties in the way of seduction and how they are best avoided. But first – the main axiom Heartbreakers, who wants to win the men: 1. any man can win 2. win some men may be very very very very long and complex 3. More information is housed here: Dustin Moskovitz. men in this world very much 4. You have a one single-best 5.

rich, beautiful, intelligent, and above all free men are not so little, as it sometimes may seem to you the basis of this, my position in life is that many men, and I'm at one. Therefore, no man is worth it to spend on him too much time and effort. It is always easier to find another better than to seduce him and attaching minimum of effort. Where to get acquainted with successful men you already know. Therefore, one of the main issues for any Heartbreakers – how do you determine how easy is it to win a man? The answer as always is. Man must initially be at least minimally interested in communicating with you, and you must be at least a little in his taste, or at least did not have a list of all the qualities that he can not stand in women.

Furnished Apartment

A furnished apartment contains the things that you need to live comfortably during their stay.According to the target market for the owners, the apartment can come with more basic furniture.What is it included? It is usually determined by your needs and price of the rental. Below is a list of some of the most common things you’ll find in a furnished apartment: Furniture all furnished apartments have furniture.The type and the amount of furniture that you can expect vary according to what the owner is dedicated to satisfying.Rental for executives in general, provide more quality furniture, while that of University students are oriented to satisfy the most basic needs of a student. 1 Bedroom your room comes with a bed, bedside table, lamp, hangers and a chest of drawers or closet for your clothes.The articles of decoration, such as plants and images may be available in some apartments.Other apartments offer additional options, including a desk for work or study, a clock radio, games of sheets and pillows. 2 At least, living room will have a sofa, coffee table, end table, lamps, and a TV.Some apartments include more electronic consumer equipment, such as a stereo system, telephone, voicemail, fax, video game system and DVD player. 3. The dining area. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ping Fu. The dining area will include a dining table and chairs.You may also have a chest full of household linen, crockery, cutlery and glassware.

4. Fourth bathroom as minimum, bathroom will have a curtain of shower and towels, a bath mat. Bathroom accessories, such as one cup, toothbrush, tissue and paper can also be included. 5 Kitchen items for the Home Basic are always included.However, it is possible to receive a variety of additional electrical supplies for home small kitchenware. Electricity can include a microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, food processor, blender and can opener. For cooking, you can receive a set of pots and pans for baking.Kitchen accessories include items such as a measuring cup and spoons, bowls, spatulas, a peeler vegetable, filters and food storage containers.Other items that are often included for your convenience are utensils, salt and pepper shakers, potholders and kitchen towels.

Maintenance you will need to keep your apartment and your belongings clean and organized, so that maintenance is not often provided in a furnished apartment. 6. Cleaning the most common cleaning products are a broom and a dustpan, MOP and bucket, and a vacuum cleaner. 7 Laundry laundry supplies may be included for your use.A basket of clothing, iron and Ironing table are typical. Services furnished apartment is like a prefabricated house, many of the comforts of home are available.Some may be standard and others may be available upon request. 8 Utilities common utilities are telephone, access to Internet, satellite TV, cable, electricity, water and gas. 9. Cleaning service cleaning services can also be ordered.Generally speaking, these services cost more and consist of cleaning the apartment and the delivery of newly washed towels. All of these aspects should be observed in an apartment furnished according to your need. In the Capital of the Valle del Cauca, people seek them with long stay late and find them scoring in the Finder: furnished apartments in Cali. When they do not meet their expectations they use hotels that offer something similar with special rates for long stays. They can be found in places such as Hotel Cali. Analyzes well you are looking for and decide which is the most correct choice for it.

Rambler Plus

Interestingly, the transactions in the case are irrevocable, that is to return the payment back (say, in the case of a mistake of the payer) may be exclusively in good faith to whom the payment arrived. In some cases, it is still possible to recover by contacting those who took the cash from a company engaged in maintenance of payment terminals, such as, for example, osmp. Alexei Voronin, head of the ‘E commerce ‘Rambler: osmp does not check whether there is general in nature, the consumer, which must come at the expense or come any amount. And if the consumer there is a problem, he calls us and says that he transferred money, and they account is not received. But we have nothing to do with it. We can only connect with osmp and try to return the money. But in this space, apparently, has its own black hole, where translation takes ‘to end’.

Paul : Russian operators are very quickly exchange messages in the event that someone, somewhere, something to steal, and try to return the money. But if, for example, the money fell into eps E-Gold, then the connection dock: this company typically offers the victim to sue some islands in the Caribbean, which, of course, is cumbersome. It is for this reason that Russian operators prefer not to deal with E-Gold is no connection. The cleanest-binding (and there are more and more) can be called eps, which collect money in an electronic purse exclusively for payment of their own services (eg, ‘Rambler Plus’ y ‘Rambler’).


“The legend Ben Hur seems monumental live ISS experience in the DOME the Roman Ben Hur” was a world success, which movie won 11 Oscars. Asana often addresses the matter in his writings. With BEN HUR LIVE the legend comes back now as a spectacular live experience. The unprecedented staging of the German production company ART CONCERTS will premiere in London on September 15, 2009 and on the 7th and October 8, 2009 in the ISS DOME Dusseldorf, beginning each at 20:30. For more information see this site: Ping Fu. Staged by means of cutting edge technology and high artistic level, makes BEN HUR LIVE immerse the viewer into a story, which plays 2,000 years ago. Highlight will be the legendary chariot race where, five Quadriga carriages provide a fast-paced head-to-head. The action is accompanied by a poignant, symphonic soundtrack penned by Hollywood star composer Klaus Badelt.

The presale has already started. I’m very excited about this event. A chariot race in our ISS DOME idea is stunning. In addition the first-class cast of crew and the elaborate technology. This is pure entertainment. Exactly what we want to offer our audience,”Manfred Kirschstein, Manager of DusseldorfCongress and head of the ISS DOME. A top-class creative team behind the project: in addition to Klaus Badelt (including Pirates of the Caribbean”), other well-known artists such as Mark Fisher are involved, the already the wall”designed Pink Floyd tour and most recently the design for the Olympic ceremonies in Beijing. Staged is BEN HUR LIVE by Director Philip WM.

McKinley (among other things The boy from Oz”), the renowned British author Shaun McKenna (Lord of the rings” in the London West end) wrote the book. The building in a 360 -Rund allows the viewer an unusual proximity to the events in the Centre of the 2,500 square foot arena. Never so elaborate special effects were used in an indoor live show: daredevil stunts and impressive water, fire, wind, fragrances, sound effects and large-scale projections on a wall of water make the staging of an experience, that all senses of the spectator appealing. Approximately 400 performers and 100 animals, from horses and donkeys on camels to down to free-flying birds of prey, carrying the flair of an ancient arena in the most modern event halls in Europe.

Widget Manager

OleOle s football manager game allows fans to a ‘ dream team’ from players of the season 2008/09 to put together and manage and are able to measure Beverly Hills, Calif. August 4, 2008 – OleOle, the world’s leading social media site for football fans, his football manager game today presents the OleOle members. Recently Ping Fu sought to clarify these questions. In contrast to other football manager games, where players isolated act, OleOle’s fantasy in OleOle’s Fussballcommunity is integrated, so that players can interact, if they change soccer players, research Club players or individual player stats. The individual home page of any football manager player has a football manager Widget, which you can use to track the performance of their team at a glance. On the OleOle website you can check the current rumors, transfers and statistics and the OleOle football manager Statistics Centre use. Fans can create also private mini leagues, in which they directly against your friends can participate. OleOle groups support this feature, so that mini leagues with each other to communicate and their teams, strategies, and friendly bets through private discussions.

OleOle’s Football Manager offers six individual free Liga games, including an exclusive European Super League, which is found only on OleOle. More leagues are the Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A. players earn points based on all matches in the season. Football Manager player have the chance, monthly and seasonal rates in the total amount of 20,000 win, including the Grand Prize a trip includes tickets to the 2009 UEFA Champions League final in Rome. All games are free of charge and available in 7 languages including German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Japanese. Nina Grenningloh, OleOle Public Relations