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Russian Family

It's no secret that a woman spends in the kitchen most of the time available for home and family. Even resorting to the work, the first thing a woman rushes into the kitchen. But all day and no household chores enough fuss and worry. But kitchen can be transformed into a relaxation zone at home. And it does not need to study feng shui, or venturing repair with the demolition of the walls. You just need to relax, turn on soft music, adjust the water temperature a comfortable and enjoy scents series of dishwashing 'My Family'. 'Lemon with green tea', 'orange mint', 'Apple Cinnamon' The names speak for themselves. Aromas of new tools will create the atmosphere of comfort and warmth, just like in the evenings when the whole family is going to have tea with fresh apple pie.

And for owners of sensitive skin, created a special dish soap 'Daisy', which cares for handles mistress. As always, each series product has its own flavor. Hostess will appreciate the novelty. Dishwashing detergent 'My Family' is available in traditional plastic bottles of 500 ml. Room on the shelf in different regions will be from 27 to 32 rubles on the shelf. The so-called 'a plate test' showed that the new funds have enough for 54 plates washed with foam, and another 21 without the foam. In sum, we have one bottle of dishwashing detergent 'My Family', washed 75 plates. Thus, the cost of washing a dish is only 36 cents. This is one of the best indicators of economy and efficiency of products, among the goods on the Russian market.

Weather Maps

The first traces of human settlements have been found in the area is now the municipality of Ahumada, such as cave paintings, arrowheads, pottery remains and various objects, confirming the existence of indigenous groups and amounts Apaches in the region, Prior to the arrival of Spanish explorers. The first settlement dates from this period of 1647, when the complaint of the Salinas Union, Diego Romo de Vivar, El Carrizal the oldest in the township, a farm was settled in 1740 by Don Mateo de la Pena, which was abandoned shortly after due to the invasions of the Apaches. On November 8th 1758, the governor of Nueva Vizcaya, Mateo Antonio de Mendoza command found, there, the Military Presidio of San Fernando Amarillas of Carrizal, which survived until 1825. He was responsible for founding the presidio Captain Manuel Antonio San Juan.
In August 1865, on his journey northward overnight Benito Juarez in El Carrizal. The municipality was created in 1894, with fractions of Carrizal, Chihuahua and Juarez. The header is Villa Ahumada, which originally belonged to the town of Carrizal and Work of the name Magdalene.
In 1916 he was called the Battle of Carrizal, between the Mexican Army under the command of U. Felix Gomez and U.S. troops of the Punitive Expedition, which sought to capture Francisco Villa after his attack on Columbus, New Mexico, in the battle that ended with the victory of Mexican troops, but she died in much of the soldiers, including their commander. … weather maps from high altitudes, so knowing the exact position of the … weather surface, which are also weather maps, is … / Spanish provide weather forecasts in the world, as well as maps and reports of local climate of North America and South America.
The fronts are often associated with weather systems …