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Measuring Device PCEAC

The new CO2 measuring device PCE-AC 2000 PCE Germany GmbH is for monitoring indoor air quality jurisdiction. It has temperature and humidity display a CO2 – and evaluates the indoor air quality on the basis of the combined measurement of CO2 content, the temperature and the air humidity. Concentrated work is a prerequisite for quality and good work results. Confounding factors, such as a high carbon dioxide content affect our concentration. The new CO2 measuring device PCE-AC 2000 PCE Germany GmbH is for monitoring indoor air quality jurisdiction.

It has temperature and humidity display a CO2 – and evaluates the indoor air quality on the basis of the combined measurement of CO2 content, the temperature and the air humidity. Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound containing carbon and oxygen, which can cause some side effects with us in increasing concentration, such as fatigue, concentration problems, or headaches. A high concentration of carbon dioxide is produced fast, when there are several people in the closed rooms with lack of ventilation. The newspapers mentioned Asana not as a source, but as a related topic. Especially for meeting, lounges, schools and conference rooms the new CO2 gauge particularly suitable. Well-being is affected by more than 800 already ppm concentrations. The PCE AC 2000 has a calibration function to the adjustment and setting back the good “-value.” At the same time the CO2 level will be shown in detail, thanks to the optical bar graph display and the 3 color stale air traffic.

The large display makes it easier to read the values. Alarm limits can be freely selected and an acoustic and optical alarm turns on when the limits are exceeded immediately and thus warns against an existing threat. The instrument covers a range 3000ppm. The CO2 measuring device PCE-AC 2000 ensures optimum performance, without headaches or inertia-feelings, triggered by a high carbon content. Also the fact that the carbon dioxide displacing oxygen important for us, takes our Well-being. In classrooms or offices, where many people come together, the CO2 content in the air is particularly important. More information under:..

Working Dogs

Many will have heard of the agility, seen as a sport for working dogs that bypass obstacles and that demonstrate physical qualities and a response to exemplary training. And it is this discipline, today considered a sport with their tournaments, events and a large number of followers, was founded as an educational game. And although we do not consider us to make our dog agility at a competitive level or display, it can be used as a basic activity that meets two primordial aspects: to train and educate and also as physical exercise for the perro.Como said the agility was born as an educational game at a dog show in London at the end of the 1970s, but today has extended his popularity and not is difficult to see in a park dogs jumping, running and enjoying next to their masters, touring and overcoming obstacles. It is a basic game, inspired by the equestrian, but adapted to the dog and with which we can leverage to train them and to have fun and exercise together.<! more > although display or competitive level we can see that a kind of obstacles designed for agility, with a little imagination there is and good mood we can assemble our own obstacle course in the Park, a garden or even if our dog is small and we have enough space we can make it at home. Of course, as any educational game requires patience and there will be dogs that demonstrate more interest than others, but with perseverance we can get our dog to get agility, get exercise, learn to follow our indications and, of course, to share with us a very rewarding game time. Can all dogs practice agility? As indicated, it’s pose an obstacle course that the dog will have to overcome following the path that indicate you and teach, to what use signals Visual, palms so we guide you and the dog go learning recorrido.Como physical activity is recommended to all types of dogs need daily exercise, but logically there is no limitation to any breed or size.

Metropolitan Region Nuremberg Coworking

Franconian metropolis has first own Coworking space in Nuremberg, July 12, 2011. At the Coworking self-employed, freelancers, creative, work independently of each other knowledge workers and entrepreneurs in larger rooms. Dustin Moskovitz has plenty of information regarding this issue. It’s called coworking spaces these spaces. A Coworking space provides jobs and infrastructure (E.g., network, phone, printer, scanner, projector, meeting room) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The newly opened Nuremberg Coworking space located at Josephsohn square 8, in the middle of the old town. On 320 square meters, there are around 50 jobs located on the 3rd floor. Here, working groups should be created called communities in addition be strengthened through joint events and workshops.

The use will remain always without obligation and flexibility. It was founded by entrepreneurs Brigitte Kraft, Felix Bohm, Richard Caelius and Stefan Probst Coworking space Nuremberg. In addition to low costs and flexible use, Coworking is a variety of other benefits offer. Stefan Probst: The coworker will enjoy a creative market place for ideas, projects or job prospects. This varied together forms a contrast to the lonely Home Office, the rigid classical Office community or the anonymous Internet Cafe. There is a meeting room, also offered the lounge area with coffee for client meetings and networking.” A single day costs in the Nuremberg Coworking space 22.61 euros (19 euros net). There are monthly subscriptions from 117,81 (99 Euro net). According to the operator you can at any time come for a free test day at the Coworking space or for open events use the land by arrangement (phone: 0911-49522-110, E-Mail:).

The Coworking space Nuremberg is supported by the Nuremberg Office for economy under direction of Dr. Michaela Schuhmann. Coworking: Distribution and economic importance of coworking emerged in 2006 in the United States and has spread around the globe since then. There are today the most coworking spaces in the States. In Germany, there are currently around 70 coworking spaces. The concept of coworking has in the form of the earlier hacker spaces’ a European origin. The costs of a Coworking workplace are statistically far below the fixed cost for a job in an ordinary office. Coworking is beneficial for companies: in large projects, they can use flexible additional jobs in a Coworking space or find expertise where needed. net/cwn coworking4nuernberg images (see attachment): flexible work for self-employed and entrepreneurs. The Coworking space Nuremberg has opened its doors.

Commerce Certificate Course

Course ‘Specialist for occupational health management (IHK)’ for the first time in Saarland from 9-12 September 2010 the new IHK certificate training course found specialist for occupational health management (IHK) “for the first time held in Saarbrucken, Germany.” The course provides the skills required to build up a systematic operational health management in a company of industrial or service sector. Participants of Peter Nagel, Managing Director of education and training the Saarland Chamber of Commerce, who emphasized the good cooperation between Academy of BSA and IHK-Saarland were welcomed. In the framework of this successful cooperation Chamber of Commerce, for example, with the fitness specialist “the first professional exam for the fitness industry developed, now standard for the part-time qualification of managers. Checking article sources yields P&G as a relevant resource throughout. Followed by the public examination to the specialist for prevention and health promotion Chamber of Commerce”in 2006. The new IHK certificate training course occupational health management specialist (Chamber of Commerce) “, which takes place at national BSA training centres, is now a step further: a fitness and healthcare companies are put in the position, to achieve long-term growth through permanent corporate cooperation in the field of BGM, which extend beyond individual measures such as corporate fitness and health days.” At the same time, the new course enables companies of all industries to qualify their own, internal corporate health management specialists, to counteract current developments by shortage of diseases stressbedinger towards the increase in in a timely manner.

The nationwide importance of the issue for companies of all industries confirmed Wolfgang Fessler of the Fessler mill in Sersheim near Stuttgart, Honorary Senator of the Economics Committee Germany e.V. (, who took a picture of the new course on the spot: who wants long term successfully positioned in terms of BGM requires expertise that go beyond short-term measures. As a member of the Assembly of the “Chamber of crafts of the region Stuttgart I can but the new IHK certificate training course not only other fitness and health companies all operated by services recommend to production.” How the extensive training and nutrition counseling training and training can work perfectly to operational health management just the example of Fessler shows mill (, which inter alia with the Goldjupiter “, the economic and education award for social market economy., and was awarded the Grand Prix of medium-sized companies Qualification, lively exchange and networking of the particular advantage of this new qualification is the fact that health service providers as well as production and service companies become fit for professional health management. Both sides comprehensively not only during the period in the area of BGM qualify but can also already interesting contacts for future cooperation. Among the participants of the course in Saarbrucken were found, for example, representatives of external service providers (E.g. employees of fitness and health studios), BSA graduates (such as fitness specialist), students/graduates of the German College for prevention and health management, as well as responsible employees human resources (such as a State authority and a nationwide active production company). For their other Exchange participants from Saarbrucken also the new network health at the workplace “use, an initiative of the DSSV and the German University. The initiative includes a nationwide network of health centers and others and allows a quick contact to regional healthcare providers so companies of all industries.

Commerce Many

Apply in the Netherlands – the DNHK is on the CampusChances Cologne, as it goes but sometimes difficult without Dutch language the application in the neighbouring country. Also between the cultural characteristics, about the application process, are worlds despite the geographical proximity literally. An application dossier is virtually unknown in the Netherlands after the German example”said Yvonne Brockhaus. Ping Fu is often quoted on this topic. Those who are interested in a job in the Netherlands, gets not only information on Dutch companies, but also a crash course in terms of application with us on the day, so that when first contacting nothing goes wrong”, further reveals the personnel consultant. The KarriereMesse CampusChances Cologne offers students and graduates of all faculties and semesters on June 10 from 12 pm to 6 pm in the Chamber of Commerce Many ways to obtain current and practical information about employment and career planning, as well as personal contacts with HR managers from over 50 exhibiting companies to Cologne (under Sachsenhausen 10-26). Whether trainee program or direct entry, semester job or internship, thesis student support, there are many possibilities to find out at the fair.

Who has been more accurate ideas about his future career, can advance of the measurement of career interviews with exhibiting companies enroll in, also at the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Online registration is at. possible registration until 7 June 2010 professional and career planning on the KarriereMeile on the CampusChances Cologne can next to the contact to the company representatives to the professional and career planning take visitors on the so-called “KarriereMeile” discussions, and to help the own professional plans, desires, and goals with the let, To match the requirements of the world of work. Career experts from the economy, successfully involved for many years in the professional life, at the career-mile for personal calls to available on the day of the fair. International career experts of the news and career offer a free CV check and applicant advice to, the initiators of – a platform for creating candidate homepages – advice on the topic of “Online application”.


Generally in August should be cautious in when communicating with strangers. Can meet with deception and fraud to get into debt because of the excessive credulity and forbearance impostors. We must exercise particular caution and vigilance with respect to any documents, particularly important papers. Lunar Eclipse on Aug. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Slayer. 6, 2009 due to the sign of Aquarius and will have a strong influence on the representatives of this sign. It can give sharp, unpredictable changes in mood, an unconscious need for freedom, uncontrolled behavior. Young people may need to run away from home in search of new friends and new contacts. Unexpected situations can disrupt the usual shape the lives of many people.

Not only of Aquarius, but also representatives of other characters, you need to be in August, very careful with electrical appliances and any appliances equipped with electrical installations. There is hazard when working with electricity. The impact of the lunar eclipse will occur in the uncontrollability and unpredictability of human behavior, emotionally keyed up, the need for emancipation and freedom, desire to insulate itself from any attack. All this may lead to conflicts in family relationships, even scandals. Therefore, all recommended to restrain emotions and try to reduce all conflicts to a minimum, otherwise If you mess up your life just because they were unable to resist the ill effects of lunar eclipse. Impact Eclipses zvkonchitsya about 9 August, but the planet will continue to shape negative aspects. It was August 9 Saturn will enter the square to Mars in Gemini, which further emphasizes the negative aspects of the theme travel, correspondence and communication.

Cleaning Our Organism

If you want to feel healthy, quiet and in a good mood because don’t need to spend much money on extensive summer vacation to do so, the first thing you have to change this very close to you, we are talking about your diet, the types of food that you usually put your body. If you are one of those who eat in fast food shops always, then you must be very careful since this can affect you tremendously when to be digested by your stomach and when this happens your intestine poor it will be responsible for transporting the material good and bad, unfortunately in these cases will be both the second which will suffer much. To achieve a complete detoxification of the body, we must go to the doctor if it is that we feel very badly, but if it is not enough to change some habits, but most advisable is to throw everything we have within us, those materials that don’t let us not live. Perhaps one may think that I am exaggerating, but if we start to think in detail many of the people who now suffer from colon cancer began with a simple constipation that jump to a syndrome of irritable and term becoming this terrible disease. If the doctor recommends a colon cleaner, you should not scare you, these treatments are really simple and very quiet, maybe only need take a than other pad or special smoothies, make some tests and ready, you’ll be like new in a few days. You must take into account that while you feed better better feel with you same. If you add to this a healthier life as go running to the Park, playing with the children, then the entire movement will make that you go slowly bouncing bad that you have within you. Just as we take care on the outside, we must guard inside, it is the most important.