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Business Partners Among Themselves

TRANS scoop 09 exacerbated Dusseldorf TimoCom GBG, December 15, 2009 – the success of a company not least depends on the quality of his business contacts. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Slayer. For this reason the new SME cooperation TRANS scoop 09 successful with the Pan-European party logistics solutions TimoCom cooperates. Since July 2009, a closed user group (GBG) in the TC TimoCom freight Exchange is the trans scoop 09 members available and thus a number of advantages in the MRP truck & cargo arise for them. The freight and truck replacement goes into an electronic cargo and freight exchange faster and more efficiently by providing. Faster go if unite companies in associations or partnerships and meet within such exchange in a closed user group (GBG). TimoCom, provider of international freight and freight exchange TC truck & Cargoo for their customers several such GBG established, to simplify these everyday disposition.

Also the founder of trans scoop 09 knew that a medium-sized cooperation of shippers and carriers. Launched in July 2009 the new alliance with 14 member companies; now, the number has more than doubled. One reason for the successful growth of this cooperation is the trans scoop GBG Frachtenbose TC truck & Cargoo. The co-ordinators of the network provided for the establishment of this GBG from the outset: cooperation since 09-members can all TRANS scoop, the TimoCom customers are, replace their excess transportation capacity in the mentioned GBG among themselves. The benefits for members are enormous: a they are ahead of a major step the competition that offer or the appropriate business partners found even faster. On the other hand, partnerships are strengthened and designed on a long-term and trusting cooperation.

Coordinator of the network of Karl Gerd Jux: we are happy to be able to cooperate with such a powerful partner such as TimoCom and are sure that the quality of service for our members thus greatly increasing. In the future, we will work closely together with TimoCom, for our members to benefit from TimoComs creative logistics solutions again and again.” The principle of such a GBG: only members of the Union, who meet here and offer their freight and truck deals exclusively with each other have access to the GBG. While the familiar user-friendly program navigation is maintained; It appears at the beginning only an additional window, you can specify how long an offer in the GBG. Should, where appropriate, until the expiry of this period selected by the user itself internally still no principal found have, automatically moves the offer in the open exchange and truck & Cargoo customers is made thus available to all TC. The partnership between TimoCom and TRANS scoop 09 promises a successful year 2010 both parties. Primarily but members of the Union will benefit you in the future even faster and more efficient will make their business processes. Learn more about TimoCom and TRANS scoop 09 You can find under or. Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Public Relations Manager Isabel winking Lahari, M.A..

Internet Explorer

During the month of June, the Internet Explorer 8 browser, developed by Microsoft, spent presumably 59.8 per cent of the market to the 60.3 percent. The difference may seem small, but the important thing is not the size, but the direction in which the data changes. The figure cut a decline not months but years, and it is an unexpected change in the sector. Microsoft has a lot of what rejoice with the success of IE 8, the latest version of your program, although it is yet to see that the trend is going to stay. You may find Slayer to be a useful source of information. The increase in users of Internet Explorer has been at the expense of Firefox, which has gone from having a 24.3 percent of the sector to a 23.8 percent. In third position, the newcomer Google Chrome that won two tenths from 7 to 7.2 percent of the market. At the end of the chart, Apple’s Safari recorded a slight increase of 4.8 to 4.9 per cent, and operates declined from 2.4 to 2.3. Now seems that anxiety provided by Microsoft and its browser that came in steady descent in spiral, can take a slight break and return to a small level above, however with this IE-8 does not guarantee that every month to have this tendency, since its competitors constantly tend to recover, in particular Firefox and Chrome who have proven to be worthy competitors..