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Sandro Nahmias

The legal device more recent than regulates this substance is Decree 3,048 of 1999, that it regulates the Law n 8,213 of 1991. Art. 137 of the related Decree say to fit to the professionals of the INSS to the responsibility of: ) To carry through the evaluation and the labor capacity of the deficiency carriers; b) To guide and to follow the programming of the qualification and whitewashing; c) To articulate the INSS with the community in order to facilitate to the ingression and reingresso of the carriers of deficiency in the work market; d) To search offers of vacant in the market of work and performance of the carriers of deficiency in the insertion processes and reinsero. In boarding on the subject, Sandro Nahmias observes: For the people who had later acquired a deficiency in the life, when already in productive age, the adoption of public and private measures is essential come back to its return to the work, either in the same function, either in new ranks, compatible with its new conditions. Many times, however, this does not occur, a time that is more easy diligent to require the retirement to it that to continue working in the formal market.

Already the people who carry deficiencies since the birth or first infancy, generally pass its life all in social condition of segregation. (MELO, 2004) the whitewashing is the assistance given to the deficiency carriers who had acquired the deficiency in elapsing of the life, in general, after an accident. Whereas the qualification is the set of activities directed toward who still brings a limitation of nascena and for that they need to characterize itself to play definitive functions in the world of the work. Law 9,394 of 1996 also regulates the professional education. According to Decree 5,154 of 2004, the actions of professional education are developed by courses and programs of initial and continued formation. The professional qualification deals with the initial preparation of the individual for the work market, that is, the person with deficiency that did not have no contact with the reality of the job will be directed by means of directed specific training to day-by-day of a common worker, displaying it the difficulties of the hours of working, its mritos, the wage, the responsibilities, the work environment, the work in team, in short the experience professional. Being submitted to the program, the individual passes for periodic evaluation for analysis of aptitude to the work.

Perhaps of the cited processes this is dificultoso, had to the periodic tests for evaluation of the professional aptitude and the future election for the work market. The whitewashing implies in new qualification for the work, destined those people who for some reason had lost the capacity to work, needing training to come back to the work market. The inclusion professional means the total aptitude of the individual for the work market, that is, the ingression in the market of imminent work and being enough to the job chance. This program, when concluded, is possibly most rewarding of them, in reason of the abusive and unjust criteria of admission for times faced for this minority, or the proper overcoming of the precarious condition which is estagnados.

The VESCH Customers

The Hamburger digital VESCH multimedia agency expands and establishes a stand-alone GmbH for the E-Commerce and social commerce business fields in addition to the core business. Vesch multimedia 16.06.2010 – for a number of existing and new customers, developed, marketed and the new VESCH company operates E-commerce platforms for the Web, social media platforms such as Facebook and mobile devices. The VESCH new commerce system is a full service system, which covers all critical processes, strategy and development of E-commerce shops, the controlling, fulfillment & logistics, E-CRM, to online marketing measures. Our customers thus have the possibility to entrepreneurial core competencies, such as shopping, price, assortment policy or brand management focus. And with complete control and innovative analysis and market research options that would not be possible in the stationary trade”so Ralf Versteegden, Managing Director Vesch new Commerce GmbH. At the same time with the start-up of the E-Commerce Division renamed VESCH also with the core business so Ralf Versteegden VESCH new Marketing GmbH. “customers who would not longer only digitally maintained and the convergence of digital and traditional media have long come up the desire in us, not more just digitally to define VESCH”, continue. Google, Facebook, iPhone & co.

have put the marketing in recent years on the head. Gone are the days of penetration of messages via advertising pressure”. Swarm intelligence and real added value for the consumer are what counts in the new marketing. The new marketing is exciting, efficient, and successful.” Vesch new marketing has 10 years of experience in new and traditional media and links to filter the best of both worlds to the most efficient marketing activities of powerful new marketing for their customers.

ECommerce Guide

The largest German provider of hosted E-Commerce standard software * strengthen the E-Commerce Guide. >. How to create and how to host my online-shop and what do I need it? Questions which arise especially for new online retailers. But even experienced traders are often faced with new challenges. With STRATO, the second largest European provider of Internet space, as well as Web applications, E-Commerce Guide now has an experts in the field of hosting, as well as standard-shop systems. “” STRATO as hosting service providers and providers of E-Commerce standard software fits perfectly with the idea of the E-Commerce Guide to selling on the Internet for dealers make as easy as possible “, says Dr Ernst Stahl at ibi research for the project E-Commerce Guide,” is responsible of the new partner.

Together with the existing guide partners Atrada, atriga cateno, ConCardis, creditPass, etracker, exorbyte, Hermes logistics group Germany, janolaw, cold storage, “mpass, Saferpay and xt: Commerce we can increase the attractiveness of the E-Commerce Guide even more so.” Who wants to get to know STRATO and the other partners of the E-Commerce Guide, has opportunity to ( to the 06.06.2011 in the E-Commerce day in Munich. About the project of E-Commerce Guide”: for answers to the most important questions around to provide e-commerce, ibi research at the University of Regensburg has joined a consortium consisting of from leading solution providers, and the research and consulting Institute. Atrada atriga cateno, ConCardis, creditPass, etracker, exorbyte, Hermes logistics group Germany, janolaw, cooling, mpass, Saferpay, STRATO and xt: Commerce bundle in this project their expertise and their experience, to put together the most important information for online retailers and those who want to become, together with ibi research in easily understandable and concise form. More information: about ibi research: since 1993, the ibi form Research at the University of Regensburg GmbH a bridge between University and practice. The Institute conducts research and advises on issues around the topic of financial services in the information society”. ibi research works on the fields of E-business, IT governance, Internet sales and business process management. At the same time, ibi research offers comprehensive consulting services for the implementation of research and project results.

Since January 2009, ibi research support of the E-Commerce competence centre is Eastern Bavaria in the framework of the network of e-commerce (NEG) funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). More info: via STRATO: STRATO is the largest German provider of hosted E-Commerce standard software and the second largest European provider of Internet space and Web applications. Include online hard drives, complete website packages, dedicated and virtual servers and hosted business software such as, for example, online-shops. STRATO has more than 1.4 million Customer contracts from six countries and hosts more than 4 million domains in two TuV certified, climate-neutral data centers. STRATO is a company of Deutsche Telekom AG. More information: * ibi research iBusiness study by March 10, 2010 ( is pleased about the royalty-free reprint of this press release. You will find more pictures and press material also: if you are interested in additional information, articles etc.

German Product

About new possibilities of product individualization for online shoppers according to ACTA study 2009 ever-larger parts of the German population use the possibilities of online shopping. Now 70% of the population aged 14 to 64 years shopping around online. Already for a long time, it is clear that manufacturers and retailers with online stores opened up an additional distribution channel for existing products, but also the Internet also offers options, to make individual offers every user that were hardly possible in the traditional distribution channels. Includes the individualization of the marketing instruments which a dealer much more targeted to speak to his buyer, E.g. via purchase recommendations based on past purchases or newsletter speech. This includes also the possibility of personalization of products, which was in large measure by the online sales channel in the role.

Personalized products reached an ever larger in recent years Encouragement, because it is a basic need of the people to distinguish on the one hand from each other, and on the other hand by choosing specific products group memberships to demonstrate. In addition, the users developed a stronger emotional attachment to a personalized product. That personalized products here are often much more expensive than comparable products, like is accepted as a “desired”product in the eyes of users unique and therefore is worth this price. The possibility of personalization of products can be basically divided into three different groups: A product can be customized through an external adjustment, such as labels on beer bottles (E.g.) or name on baby pacifiers (, a product can be personalized with own content of the user / buyer. Especially photo books (E.g.) fall into this category or photo gifts of all kinds (E.g.,) as a product may be newly created by the information of the user, so that two Products for two different users are almost not comparable, although the same basic modules were used in each. Examples of these are individual composite cereals (E.g.), self-composed perfumes (such as) or personalized children’s books (E.g.) have all these products together, that only the possibilities of process optimization in the order process of online shops and the automated processing allowing, cost-conscious to produce such individual despite low numbers and to pass on to the consumer at marketable prices.