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Action Learning

Action learning is ever faster changing market conditions to be able to respond to human resource development and organizational development, are forced to continuously and systematically maintain both personal development and organisational development company. An effective tool, represents the action learning targeted to meet both directions of development, which was developed in the 1940s by the British nuclear physicist of Reginald Revans. Revans-defined action learning as a combination of expert knowledge and targeted set of questions. In contrast to previous knowledge, which served to accumulate knowledge on stock, say, learning by doing is in gaining practical knowledge action learning”forces. To this end, in the course of action learning, concrete, yet unresolved problems in the company edited programs and brought to a solution. Action learning teams of at least four to no more than 10 members have proven themselves in entrepreneurial practice, typically for a longer Period will be exempted from their workplace. In the ideal case, team members have different professional skills and abilities or come from different levels of management. Participants of action learning teams learn in multiple ways.

One can be learned on the basis of the problem and of the solution then identified. On the other hand the participants themselves, as well as their interaction learn to tackle its kind problems with colleagues during team meetings. With regard to the results of a long-lasting action learning programme, there are key success factors, into account. First, the problem must be so far unresolved and urgent ideally to help ensure the undivided attention and the interest of the members of the team. “A key factor for the success of an action learning programme is a boardroom, which actively and specifically the culture of learning organization” promotes enterprise and anchored. When the team composition should be ensured that a possible heterogeneous team with different skills and abilities is found.


Be even clearer that distinguish between needs and existing conditions in case of a different theme: although 68 percent professional and internally recognised change manager to the compulsory change projects, only 38 percent can meet this requirement. At least they have can positively only rarely changes date change measures according to its own commitment of respondents. The use of external change manager resulted in positive effects only in exceptional cases. This shows ultimately, how little the change management in the company is structurally anchored”Maicher interprets the results. Because is waived special person in charge to give the change measures in the hands, lost a central control of the project and influence instead of large number of individual interests. This goes “ultimately at the expense of the original objective.” However, no major discrepancy between the set requirements and the is status of feedback culture show up in the company. However surprising, expects a relatively low level of claims.

So, only 57 percent believe that in change projects open discussion should conditions, where the staff actively can engage with their feedback. A fundamental weakness of the change strategies hides it for the ardour consultant. Staff should necessarily be included because they (change agents) are important co-creators of changes. Learn more at: Anchin Block. This requires however a communication and management culture, in which the employees with their personal perspectives and experience can actively a”, emphasizes Maicher. He publishes from his consulting experience the advice to take into account the following aspects for change projects: in-depth changes shall apply as soon as possible making it, the phase of the Uncertainty in the individual in the Organization to keep as short as possible. Cross-cutting changes, the decision-making in a control panel with high occupation should focus (melting pot). Drastic decisions not delegate or socialize (frogs drain it only reluctantly their pond”). Conduct a really honest stakeholder analysis and critical or uncomfortable, but ultimately important stakeholders not exclude, so not the most comfortable way to go.

Necessarily sufficient time, resources and budget for the communication plan. Call for the active participation of the project by the top management and make sure to do this should include also, for example, a first-place communication and discussion with the other employees or other executives. Clear and verifiable (measurable) objectives, formulate and vote, attention to trade-offs. The executives make it clear that they are role models for the staff and the changes should live. Sure that not too many initiatives and projects to run simultaneously and overwhelming to the employees and organization. Nothing in the dark leave the impact of changes on the staff precisely analyze and communicate, so. Make sure that the company repeatedly reached after profound changes in a stable phase. No power structures must be taboo. Develop tolerance resistors, but professionally respond and sanction real or sustainable boycott attitudes.


At the time of raising the videos in the different platforms of visionado from videos, it is important to follow a series of habits very simple, but for that reason little nonimportant: 1. – To choose the key word by which it is wanted to position the video, so that the finders can find me with facility, and include that word in: A. – the Title, that is not greater of 60 characters B. – In the description, is not greater of 200 characters C. – and in the Tags. Between 4 or 6, whatever less good, for posicionarte 2. – If it is possible to include in the title, your page Web or the name business, this takes control of the aim so that from the beginning you can diferenciarte of the competition, and thus to position the mark of your business, that in this case would be the name of your page Web or your company. In this case we would look for to include at the end of 60 characters one or two words that represent the trade name of the company or of the campaign that we are realising.

It gives good results and it completes a good strategy of Marketing by Internet. 3. – Another very important strategy is to place in the description the connection towards your Web site, you must give facilities to the person who this seeing video so that with to a single you direct it click towards him. As I said the other day to be to a single click of Web site, and like nowadays all the platforms of lodging of videos, when you put activate it to the URL, placing it at the beginning of the description is essential. But it remembers that you must put – so that this one activates, because there are many platforms that with the.

only, the connection is not active. That this is 1 that sees, so that they have the temptation to puncture and of that way to send traffic to towards there. 4.


What it is Globalization? Which are the general aspects of this basic subject of geographic science? The related phenomenon is an advanced stage of the capitalist socioeconmico system or an essentially economic process of world-wide integration. ' ' mundos' ' relatively isolated of the past they had given place to a world in net (sistmico), that is, a planet with excellent connections between nations. Two divergent perspectives in the study of the mundializao exist. The first one if relates to ' ' shrinking of mundo' '. Second the perception is mentioned to it that the same is ample or gigantic. This is related to the significant development or technological increment that ' ' it shortened distncias' ' , the intense fluidity of the global space (circulation of capitals, people, information, raw material and merchandises), to the sprouting of complex nets of communication/transport in the planet and the rapidity that the information arrive until the units domiciliary of a parcel of population, this raises the complexity of the world contemporary, in contrast of the planet before the globalization, where the information vagarosamente arrived the localities and many did not arrive until some places, due the diverse factors of historical and geographic order. With regard to what it was mentioned above, can be evidenced that the mundializao became homogeneous the world-wide space? Certainly not, this phenomenon incited the social inaqualities and regional, that is, it became heterogeneous the global space. Integration is relative, because areas exist that are practically closed or establish inexpressivas relations with the world, for example, the African continent and the Amaznia of Brazil.

These spaces are to the edge of the great flows of people and capitals. The phenomenon dinamizou the economy of definitive regions, while others had economically remained estagnadas or had had its situations aggravated for the process, with this, the possibilities of insertion ascension in the professional scope is bigger for the citizens who live in cities where the capital strong is installed and is lesser for that they live in ' ' cities rurais' ' insignificant inside of a proper logic of the capital (national and multinational). This does not want to say that it offers of job in the Metropolises or same in the cities of average transport is excellent, in these also has unemployment and under employment. Therefore, the globalization is an including geographic phenomenon with consequences and contradictions. This organized the world in net bringing easinesses/advantages for the world-wide businesses, preferential for the economic mega-entrepreneurs (proprietors of transnational companies) or agents and at the same time it deepened the social and regional disparidades.

Analysis And Sales Planning

The direction and emphasis of next steps in the analysis of sales reduced to the detail of internal and external factors that caused the negative or positive trends in sales, identified on the basis of data obtained during the initial phase. After this event designed to address them (if negative trends) or to increase the effectiveness (if positive trend). In order to avoid wasting time, effort for the calculation of various indicators to determine the key parameters, the relationship and interaction that will help identify the reasons for which only outlines some trends. In case of need to react, not after 'sword waving. " One of the purposes of sales analysis is to match the performance of the company desired objectives. Planning is a "pointer" to the direction of movement to achieve their goals.

Sales planning is based on the answers to the following questions: What and how much to sell? What competitive advantage? Where anyone selling? (Territory, city, district, consumer environment) With what or who attain a minimum or maximum representation in the established distribution channels. To date, the ratio of the planning is ambiguous. Many managers do not accept the plan, citing the fact that the rapidly changing conditions or situations planning is ineffective. But this situation only indicates that scheduling all need to do to achieve our goals, taking into account the expected results, the leaders only after the fact analyze the results, taking no corrective and preventive measures within the plan. If do not make plans for sales, you can: do not achieve the goal, wasting resources run out, get into a state of uncertainty, experience frustration and discomfort. Sales planning – creating an action plan for prioritizing and necessary resources (manpower, material, information, technical, etc.). In the first step is to answer the questions: how much we want to earn and how much can we earn? Thus it is necessary to determine how much you can earn by recruiting new klientovskolko can earn on a regular plan must be in the two figures – in physical and value terms.

Plan only in terms of value is not enough as it is unclear how many customers will ensure that the sales volume. The next step is to formulate a budget business costs. Developed sales plan in physical and value terms is translated into a plan of contacts sales staff to customers – new and existing, as well as a plan of action that stimulates the sale at retail TT. When planning the use of prediction, for example, forecast method rynkMetod ekstrapolyatsiiNormativny Method is the forecast of the market is that first determined the total amount of sales potential, segmentation of product, customer or mixed basis. Then determined by the percentage of this amount. Read additional details here: Anchin Block. It should be noted that this prediction can be made by the presence of the company to analysts or marketing department. And you can use market forecasts prepared by external experts. However, it should predict not only total, but its growth areas and for targeted customer segments. Extrapolation method is based on average annual sales growth of the company in previous years. It is possible to compare the rate of sales growth with the growth of the market. The regulatory method of planning used in the sales of those companies that measure the KPI (key performance indicators) in sales. Thus, having clear goals, the company will be able to effectively reach them with the planning, forecasting and sales analysis.

Global Crisis

Conventional economy with externalities, which are realty considered minor accidents within the conventional economic process.
Given the energy crisis, the realestate destruction of resources, the problems caused by waste, social pressure, internal criticism of pioneers such as Georgescu-Roegen and evidence from other sciences in these issues, mainstream economists were forced to develop means to address these issues in the formalization of the emerging economy sXIX as commercial property chrematistic, had left outside their analysis.
So in the early twentieth century included issues of pollution realtor in the foreclosure concept of externality: harm or benefit to the utility or production which causes an operator to foreclosures another outside the market and without compensation. A hotchpotch of many theoretical positive or negative aspects of various important market failures classified as non-economic system as we usually made by conventional economics does not meet the properties conditions systematized by Walras.
The environmental economy born of Pigovian welfare economics to deal among other issues, the difference between the marginal social net product and marginal private net product due to costs that are not taken into account, with the classic homes example of uncompensated damage that condos for sale is caused to a forest by sparks from a steam locomotive.
A welfare economics was added later in 1960 the problem homes for sale of social cost of Coase. Note that sometimes represents Pigou and Coase as advocates opposing the intervention of the townhouses state condo and the capitalist market respectively, but differences have more agreements .
Their work led later realtors to the economy of natural resources for optimal management of resources using the economic system (consumption or destruction in monetary terms property management artificially attributed the absence of markets for Nature is not an operator) and real agent environmental economics to the optimal management of pollution, commercial also with arbitrary prices (obtained through questionnaires for example) to property obtain a marginal cost function in dollars that would equalize the benefits, a function of marginal net private benefit in monetary units, analytically for optimal mathematical reversible.
In both cases with little or no reference to the sciences that can provide direct information for management such home for sale as biology, physics … In contrast, real sale the U.S. real commercial uses that knowledge to perform, among others, the study of energy balance listing and energy flow analysis and materials consumed by the economies. Moreover, the U.S. chosen to receive the College of Arts and Science Distinguished Service Award in May 2009 is Milstein is a Trustee of New York University, where she created and sponsors the Collegiate Professorships Program believes that waste lease resources and are directly related, without the use of broker the first contamination would not have so necessarily has to cover both. houses

Private Health Insurance Compare

Private health insurance online comparison compare private health insurance online will be as well received as it makes sense. More and more individuals put on before a decision an online comparison of the private health insurance companies and thus get an overview of the collective landscape and explore the prices and costs for private health insurance in the choice of private health insurance you should compare basically before the car, to get an overview of the various offers of private health insurance companies. Because each insurance company-over 50 different car tariffs with different features and different prices prices offered. This results in a variety of fare options, under which the customer can decide. Without further ADO a PKV comparison is jedoc almost impossible, unless you repeated a fact at all insurers all tariffs and compares them in arduous work.

This takes a lot of time and nerves. Does this work in a very short time, a comparison of online In the Internet is free and without obligation, and includes even the current PKV test winner. Would like to so conclude an optimal and personal private medical insurance, you should be sure to compare the car and then decide. So, to prevent also surprises.

Companies Offers Active Care

With the ZEUS children protection letter young families give their children a carefree future curiosity and the joy of the game, lets children explore their environment. Attention children absorb all impressions and experiences for their own development while. Despite parental care and love, can not always avoid accidents. To enable an optimum supply in an emergency, however, provides protection for children in the first years of life is preferable. Young families with children in the child protection letter from ZEUS find this security. Comprehensive insurance benefits from the carefree package from ZEUS guarantee children an optimum security in the event of accidents and their consequences. Casualty insurance supports the services of ZEUS in detail for more than 30 years and accompanied the ZEUS group young people with special care concepts in a happy and secure future.

Accident insurance in the ZEUS children protection letter pays including a lasting, monthly pension. With the ZEUS children protection letter is an annual increase in the accident pension 2 percent guaranteed. This additional ZEUS power is up to 30 years for a pension time. Also in the event of sickness is ZEUS reliable if the performance of the child remains permanently impaired in the event of an illness, reliable assistance of the ZEUS children protection letter. Whether for disability due to accident or a disability due to illness: the JuniorSchutzPlus protection of ZEUS is reliable.

So, the monthly pension is provided, if necessary, also for life. From each child, a teenager is time and no later than entry into adult life starting capital has become a major issue. With the ZEUS children protection letter it is possible already in the early years, with small amounts, to build a large fortune. So, parents create their children a secure base for the launch in the future. With this complete care, ZEUS lets parents and children look confidently into the future. A life with a future is still others live with ZEUS in security which offers ZEUS group in addition to the ZEUS children protection letter Top services that allow a life with a future in security. Under, you can learn all about the company, its services and its philosophy to the protection of children. Contact: ZEUS mediation society mbH Gustav-Freytag-Strasse 13-15 22085 Hamburg phone: 040 / 41 30 – 0 fax: 040 / 41 30 – 16 99 email: Web: description: the ZEUS group of companies is one of the largest service providers in the field of pension products in Germany. ZEUS was founded in Hamburg in 1974 and offered a comprehensive provision for young people for over 30 years. The core product is the ZEUS-parental letter with special pension benefits, which are individually aligned to the needs of the young target group.

Term Follows

A Council is given, and is received by conviction. It should not surprise us, that in this dimension while we journey all is possible, moreover, there are those who say that all this writing and simply touches us act according to the journal of our life. The truth, that we should not surprise, that with regard to emotions, feelings that everyone must experience in any of its manifestations, especially in affective ties, specifically, what couple is concerned, we face given the reality that one day say: everything ended, of that came at this time which is us had destined to be togethermany times, by personal decisions, where one of the players determines that it is in the end, that should not be together either because a reality to which we are all doomed is evident, as is the physical disappearance, came to our last day of life and we must separate ourselves. Certainly, we are subject to this reality face anytime, that our time has concluded, we must separate us and where we must know we both share it optimally evaluate, what was his legacy, which both grew up, how happy were, how we learned our opportunity; Thus, as in that we were wrong, that errors we made, in where we neglect, that contribute towards our growth. Not the slightest doubt, that the fact some already having experienced the end of a relationship, often because there was no understanding, simply because it was not given the necessary attention, care that she demanded, invited to consider, the why it came to a final decisicion, that there is nothing to do, all invited to assess where we were wrong the why they came to that decision, most when it has been product of our inattention, of having not grown, simply consider that everything was long-lasting and we were always going to stay in it.


Not I go to transcribe for this reflection, dedicated to one of the days most symbolic of the year, where the homesickness for the absentees if makes to feel of particularly painful form, many of the innumerable notice on the deeply degradante state where millions of people for this world live are in general e, thousand from that, in Portugal, they suffer the cruelest privations from a life that nor always smiled to them, and that we cannot nor we must ignore this reality that to all, of some form, also in culpabiliza. Christmas is party of the family, joy, hope in a better future, believing that we have capacities, determination and enthusiasm enough to be successful, a time more, the difficulties gifts and reconstructing a worthy future of the person human being, new horizontes of prosperity, with health, peace, friendship, work and happiness. We, Portuguese, already demons tests to the world of what we are capable, eventually, in situations well more complex. The values that as much characterize in them, some of which sensible and lived of very singular form, as the homesickness for all those that, diverse circumstances of the life, cannot follow in them on this day that, although everything, we will have of strengtheing in them so that it is of party, with more or less material abundance, with more or less comfort, but that it can be of sincere Friendship and pardon, in the heat of the love of that truily they are loved, any that is the nature of the love: conjugal, maternal, paternal, filiar, fraternal and in that also it will have to follow in them daily that he is Love-of-Friend. Party of the family, time also to reflectirmos in the past, the gift and in what we intend to be, to make and to live, in a future that, the gift, we projectamos with hope, projectos, desires, with legitimate ambition, for us, for our familiar ones, but for our true friends, yes because these, when loyal, solidary, insiders, council members, abetters and that, always and unequivocally are of our side, are as our familiar closest ones.