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Human Development

the human development comes in such a way being studied for the biological conception, with the union of gametas masculine and feminine and its transformations in a human being, as for the psychological conceptions that occur during this transformation.

We believe that the relation mother-baby (or another figure of attachment-baby) either very important the form as process of psychic development of the baby if initiates (case the baby does not present no congenital malformation or any another upheaval that disables the psychic functioning ‘ ‘ normal’ ‘). Of the one not to say in the relation mother-baby, mainly in the initial phase, immediately after the birth, without mentioning Bowlby and its theory of the Attachment. The theory of the attachment considers that the quality of the relations of attachment (Former: unsafe insurance or) depends on the interactions between dade mother-child. The safe attachment, for example, depends on the contingent responsividade of the parents in relation to the baby, that is, of the capacity of the adult in revealing sensible to the signals of the baby and answering at the moments adjusted with the smile it says, it, etc. the mental health of the child depends of that it has a warm relation, close and continuous with its mother (or a substitute with equal paper for it) in which both find satisfaction and pleasure.

Vacation Preparation

If you are on the verge of going out on vacations, you are going to enjoy your rest far better if you know that your house is or well-taken care of while outside enjoying your or you are deserved vacations. The following are some good advice for this situation: For the care of the plants and the garden, you can request aid to a friend or somebody of its neighbourhood so that while ” an eye throws to your casa” also it takes care of the plants. Another very good option is to have at the hand a system of automatic irrigation that is connected a timer. If no of these options is practical, it places a little earth in the bed of the garden before leaving and then it waters sufficiently, and also it takes the flowerpots to the shade. A very useful trick for the plants of the interior of the house is to cut an absorbent cloth in strips and to place an end in a water cup and the other in the flowerpot. This way the system will extract water through the fabric, while you are outside. In order to avoid that you are estresado while goes out on vacations, pdale to a confidence friend that takes care of his house.

Asegrese to give spare part keys to him, the details of the alarm and in which number can locate it while you are far. Before leaving it proves his alarm system and report to his company of security about his plans. It assures and it blocks any alternative access to his house, such as lateral doors, and keeps the tools from gardening, furniture of the garden and the toys of the children. Also, to protect his electric appliances of any failure while it is outside, it disconnects everything what it is not necessary, as well as drains the refrigerator, the freezer and the earthenware bottle of the sweepings. If you have people who take care of their mascots to him, huge. Or that person remains in her house or that daily she happens through his house to take care of the house and to feed his mascots, to count on this service of a confidence person is a good idea. Many people make use frequent of person who help in the domestic service and easily you could solicit to which she has used this type before on watch so that you of a good one recommendation.