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Earth Particles

2. The horizon problem. Our universe was extremely homogeneous, and the temperature of the background radiation is the same everywhere you look. The fact that the temperature is uniform would not be surprising were it not that between the two ends of the universe is a distance of nearly 2,800 million light years, while the age of Universe is 'only' about 1,400 million years. Given that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light and the hypothesis that there was an initial time or big bang, the question is: ycomo regions may physically disconnected from the "beginning" of the universe were in physical states so similar? This is what is known as the 'horizon problem', one of the biggest headaches of cosmologists, who are unable to find the solution. 3. Ultra-energetic cosmic rays Cosmic rays are particles that arrive from space and constantly bombard Earth from all directions. Most of these particles are nuclei of atoms or electrons.

Some are more energetic than any other particle observed in nature. The mystery is in its high energy. The special theory of relativity Einstein said that any cosmic rays reaching the Earth from outside our galaxy will have suffered many collisions that maximum possible energy that can have is 5 to-1019 eV. Rays detected from a decade ago by the Akeno observatory Japanese are well above this threshold, thereby or data-taken at different times and bad, are always similar, or Einstein was wrong. 4. The results of homeopathy in Belfast in 1810 the German physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann published the "Organon, the art of healing", the cornerstone of homeopathy.

Performance Indicators

One of the aspects presented greater shortcomings in the initiatives or CRM strategies, deployments is total lack or failure of the implementation of indicators of management or KPI (Key Performance Indicators) s related to the measurement of the improvement in the relationship with customers. It is essential to establish measurement indices that reveal if the orientation strategy customer is giving the expected results. Unfortunately, one of the major faults is to launch a CRM initiative, without establishing oriented metrics to measure the relationship with the client. CRM projects are implemented, but the metrics remain the same from an organisation fully oriented to products (sales volume, value of sales, sales by channel, sales by product, market share by product or line, etc.). As part of the definition and appropriateness of processes within the implementation of a CRM initiative, it is very important to assess which are the indicators which may be evidence of an improvement in terms of the strategy of achieving further centralization at the client.

There are multiple indicators and the idea is not to define indicators because Yes. It is necessary to perform a detailed analysis of the business processes that have direct impact on the relationship with the customer (customer life cycle and its points of interaction), establishing that measurements will be made and how often. This article is oriented to analyze in detail one of these flags named value of the relationship with the customer or the Lifetime Value of the Customer (LTV or CLV), by your definition in English. This is only one of the recommended indicators, which we will develop in different articles.

Land More

The good one for trying to understand the world, is that our life if becomes a perpetual learning, where daily searchs to understand yesterday, and the doubt of today with certainty will come in at some future date. Today it is happening, yesterday never more will come and the future is uncertain, but the life in the ones of the choices, and with the day to day, passed and present experience, and of the knowledge of as many differences, we tread that way that more good stops we agrees, but if we search to understand that day of yesterday, we can also understand what he will be able to come, and thus this constant search if becomes necessary it our welfare state, psicolgio and moral. The funny world, and while it of the returns, the things changes, and changes fast, almost that proportionally the speed of the rays that the Sun launches stops on the Land. – Today he is for being successful what yesterday he started if to lose, and at the same time, today this to facilitate the battle of at some future date there. He creates chances; he stipulates its goals; he does not give up, never; He fights with confico, battles mainly – with mind, and never leaves To dream, To dream of what for you are most important, what she keeps its future more close, a so next future that more it seems the gift.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of the IBEX 35 continues having strength, the trend remains clearly upward. If you look at the weekly chart we see several references that indicate that, for the moment, rises can continue. At 13,600 points we have drawn a triple floor; the previous maximum in 15.550 points are being exceeded; the volume on the rise will be accompanying; missing many values by joining this movement (banking sector) are near the 15.700, where poke several references that make us to be cautious, but price sent and now is bullish. Keep with support at 15,300 points. Technical analysis of Repsol YPF Bull unceremoniously. Well shown in the graph in weekly scale of long-term. That Yes for that does not remain in water of Borage and seeing that often no it correlates with increases in oil, must confirm their current momentum with a decisive overcoming of 28 euros. Yes get it and consolidates, 30 euros will probably overcome without much effort.

Technical analysis of antenna 3 trimming than takes the value hurts but we see on weekly chart as nothing has changed. At the moment the guideline is clear, also against her we can add that the closing of this week has been bad. Unless you confirm a floor at 12 euros and see it bounce beyond the 14 and with volume buyer accompanying, not look level to enter the title. It is true that it is very oversold but this scenario happens since it lost the 16 and still has fallen another 25%. Careful technical analysis of Avanzit movement very strong in search of 5.90 euros to break the range as it divided the last movements. Approaching this zone it has left paper but despite this he remained always keep it trading above the 5,30 euros. Technical analysis of tubes assembled on the inside of a perfect channel bullish in the short term, only the presence of 5.60 euros is slowing its advance, in fact has negotiated much role in those environments.

Keep with stop at 5.20. Yes overcomes resistance in 5.60 could go to the 5.90 6 euros with much speed. Technical analysis of Amper took several weeks in a narrow range, with a behavior disheartening after breaking the upper bass channel bandwidth. He made several movements of pullback to this area and finally at the meeting on Friday has exited the range and volume accompanying the momentum. Above the area that can curb the escalation is in 13,70 EUR. Keep with stop at 12.09. Technical analysis of Ferrovial is trying to confirm a head shoulder shoulder inverted, so must quote above the 65 euros. Attending to the strong volume traded in minimum it seems that figure can succeed and if so the upward projections can lead to the title to 73 euros environments in coming weeks. In any case we must never ignore the brackets. In this case, any cuts should not deepen beyond the 55.90 although I would be already showing signs of weakness quoting below 56,90 euros. Technical analysis of the S & P500 support that exists in the environments of the 1,490 has worked and the index has free rein to a new impetus towards the zone of the maxima in 1570, higher band that restrains the index advances will limit the current movement in environments of 1,600 points. Today a weekly close above the 1.523 points would be ideal.


Much has been said of argan oil, this new product that has revolutionized the industry of Cosmetology, where scientific investigations have discovered that their properties are incomparable properties, but there is a point that sometimes we do not take into account the impact that has in Berber society and the environment. Argan oil properties are famous for being regenerative skin, as it contains large amounts of Gamma-tocopherol (vitamin E) thanks to its ability to capture the oxygen, it is a powerful antioxidant, enabling good nutrition and regeneration of tissues, which not only helps to eliminate difficult and unsightly stretch marks, but in injury as soresburns from the Sun, and irritations helps the skin heal quickly and without leaving marks, another substance that contains argan oil is the lupeol which improves the proliferation of keratinocytes that produce the queratinadel hair, nails and skin, the skin regenerates it, moisturizes, protects, softens and recover the elasticity of this, using the argan hair oil strengthens it, repair split ends, porta shine and softness, fingernails hardens them, gives them health and shine. And if that wasn’t enough has antiseptic properties and fungicidal and vulnerary by what also helps in skin diseases. But what about your extraction of how impact in society and in the ecosystem? To answer these questions let’s talk first tree argan which is its seed from where comes this oil, this is a tree that has almost 80 million years on Earth, is very resistant to you drought and arid conditions in Morocco, where it is endemic, the Berber tribes have used for centuries this emblematic tree in all its aspectsUnfortunately there was one immoderate felling, to make way for grazing land, create spaces for houses, etc., although UNESCO declared forests as heritage of mankind in 1998, yet they were not protected at all. However with the discovery of the properties of argan oil, Berber women (principalmentelas single women, divorced or separated who had no forms of subsistence), have created cooperatives where not only made this precious oil but that a portion of the proceeds goes to fund various skills including literacy and education creating a form of livelihood and at the same time a place within this completely patriarchal society. Another consequence is that argan oil more yield them, populations see differently the tree, take care of it and protect, because we must emphasize that which deals with the tree is the fruit which is very similar to a larger size of olive, so to consume not only argan oil take care of your health, appearance and you get your benefits but that aid to a society and this tree to survive and develop. Would you like to know more about the properties of argan oil? Continue reading my articles on this wonderful oil and enjoy the benefits of argan oil.

Congress Party

Gaspar Llamazares describes the decision as its companions of party like " it burdens error". Fernandez-Twig thinks that he is not " justo" to load against IU by its decision. The PSOE " respeta" the decision and assures that " it will follow trabajando" for the frontier dwellers. The reactions to the IU decision to abstain in the next session of investiture of the autonomic presidency of Extremadura, which will suppose the arrival from the PP to the government of the independent community, have not been made hope. First he has been the deputy in the Congress and general excoordinador of IU, Gaspar Llamazares, that has described as " it burdens error" and of decision " nothing right " , that will accept although it does not share it.

In declarations to, Llamazares it recognized that, although the democracy is the democracy, to allow that the PP ascends to the power in this independent community supposes a confusion first of all " antropolgica" and " sociolgica" because the voters of lefts do not understand the turn of IU to the right. In addition, he emphasized that IU must be faithful to which promised in the campaign electoral, avoiding to pass to the right or " by active or pasiva" and it recognized that this attitude can make much damage to the party. In its opinion, although in this decision the reality of the frontier dwellers is primate, with a political reflection the party would have taken a very different direction and remembered the case of Asturias, where IU offered to their support to the PP originating " setback " for the party and the Asturian ones, besides a very important political crisis. Minutes after knowing the decision IU in Extremadura, Llamazares wrote in the social network Twitter that its party " &quot fails to fulfill the word; since the decision " &quot does not understand the voter to it; , apart from which it facilitates " campaign pinza".

Classic Antiquity

But, before adentrar in the analyses of the author, it is important to know the meaning of the term stigma. According to Priberam Dictionary of the Portuguese Language, stigma means mark, perdurvel scar. According to Goffman (1988), the term if relates deeply to an attribute contemptuous. However, exactly ahead of this rank, the author conceives the meaning of the word stops beyond the when salient factor attribute that, for its understanding, is necessary a language of relations and not of attributes, a time that, an attribute that estigmatiza a person can confirm the normality of another one. On the basis of this estimated, the author has left of the mixing relations to base the quarrel on stigma. That is, it focuses the moments where estigmatizados and the normal ones are in the same social situation, in immediate physical presence one of the other, want during a colloquy, it wants in the mere simultaneous presence in an informal meeting. It is pautado in this principle that Goffman will go to delineate throughout the five chapters contained in the workmanship the situation of the estigmatizado one in its social relations, arguing the thematic ones: Stigma and Social Identity; Control of Information and Personal Identity; Group alignment and Identity of I; I and Its Another one; Shunting lines and Desviantes Behaviors. For better understanding of the subject, the author makes a historical clipping on the conception of stigma, passing for the Classic Antiquity? where the term assigned something extraordinary or bad on the moral status of who it represented it by means of corporal signals and of which the normal people would have to keep distance? , adentrando in the Christian Age? in which two levels had been added to the term: the religious conception (stigma as divine favour) and the pathological one (physical riot)? until the present time? where the stigma makes aluso to the situation of the individual that is inabilitado for the full social acceptance.