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Mykonos Travel

Certainly more in one go you have heard speak of the island of Mykonos in Greece. This island is one of that they form the archipelago of the Cyclades islands, famous ones by its incredible sun puttings, full pueblecitos of white houses and crystalline water beaches. But reason why it is known the island of Mykonos more, is by his celebration, in fact she is well-known like small Ibiza. Without thinking twice, this year I was decided to spend vacations to discover there that it is what it offered the island to me and, the truth, is that I returned enchanted since I discovered magnificent beaches, a city (the capital) wonderful and an island that as a whole the pain deserves to visit sometimes in the life. What me it left made an impression was the capital of the island, Chora. It is a town formed by a pile of white small houses and a set of labernticas streets.

In fact, although you keep a map, is almost certainly you are going away to lose. But it is that it is that is worth the trouble to lose itself enters its streets, and to discover of this form corners that if no, they do not come detailed in any guide. In addition, taking a walk between its streets, I ended up giving with the mascot of the island. It is that they have a pelican by mascot that has become super famous (Petros). The legend says that more than 40 years back, a fisherman of Mykonos encountered a wounded pelican.

So it was affected by the pelican, that decided to become position of him. After reclaiming the creature, it decided to put it in freedom. But, surprising, the pelican did not choose the air like its dwelling, but it decided to settle down in Mykonos. Every day that has happened since then, the creature occurs in center been turning of all the glances and into a celebrity.

Jesus Nazarene

On the road to Emmaus: and behold, two of them were the same day to a village named Emmaus, which was sixty stadia from Jerusalem (about 10,800 ft.). (E) they were talking about among themselves all the things that had happened. It happened that while they talked and argued among themselves, Jesus himself approached, and walking with them. But their eyes were veiled, so that they do not know him. And he said unto them: what talks are these that you have among yourselves while you caminais, and why you’re sad? One of them, named Cleopas, said in response: do are you the only stranger in Jerusalem which you have not known things that have happened in these days? Then he said to them: do that things? And they said unto him: Jesus Nazarene, who was a male Prophet, mighty in work and Word before God and all the people; and how gave the Chief priests and our rulers to sentence of death and crucified him. But we had hoped that he was who would redeem Israel; and now, besides all this, today is already the third day that this has happened.

Although we have also stunned some women among us, who before the day went to the sepulchre; and as they found not his body, they came saying that they had also seen a vision of angels, who said that he lives. And they were some of our to the Tomb, and they found as well as women had said, but did not see him. Then he said to them: o fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have told you! I was that the Christ should suffer these things and to enter into his glory not necessary? And beginning from Moses, and all the prophets, declaring them in all the Scriptures what he said.


Many of myriad air-tight sciences (eastern and occidental) here are filtered and its conceptions, summarized in form of aforismos. For the aid of the agreement of some subjects? in view of the complexity of the same ones? clarifying diagrams become more easy its assimilation. The graphical presentations of the diverse images objectify to impress the subconscious mind and its explanations sucintas corroborate for a deep and perfect learning of its rules. This workmanship is, in synthesis, the accumulation of long notations of twenty and seven years of exhausting studies that had been kept in secrets in the most strict secret They had been never seen by nobody. This volume is being presented in one hundred format of emends totalizing eighty and six pages that, in book format the addition of three hundred and eighty pages reaches. Eleven mandalas, criteriosamente elaborated composes a diagramtico set systemize under neurolingusticos concepts does not exist an explicit order, no exclusive session, no thematic division or to capitulate, everything is in accordance with the order of my studies, in the pursuing of the steps where I trod and in the accurate position where they had been ‘ ‘ encontrados’ ‘. The perception of everything in the life is in the elements that the understanding of its principles accumulates of meanings the proper existence it becomes and it transparent. This is the reason of the spreading of these notations. ‘ ‘ THE KEYS OF THE SECRETS OF THE VIDA’ ‘ they disclose many of the mysteries of the existence and will have to prepare the reader for the meeting of as much others, and still it will make with that if it becomes apt and conscientious of its powers interior to conquer any things that to long for.

Porto Alegre

No matter how hard the expressions if point to be neutral in some aspects, to if contextualizarem in the space of the announcement they start to display its concepts, ideas and values; in persuasiva way they display its ideology. As. The relations between sign, ideology and construction of the persuasivo speech are, therefore, next to what we imagine. Valley to say, since the choice of the words until the organization of the phrases, passing for the choice and disposal of the reasonings and the subjects throughout the texts, we cover a way of innumerable possibilities to compose itself to the persuasiva order and of persuation of the speeches. (CITELLI 2007, p.36). The decade of 1970 was a period of great agricultural exodus, the families comings of the field had been lodged in the urban centers of precarious form, causing certain problem in the supplying economy agricultural, had the strong external influence in the industrial sector the families had looked to a place in the industries, leaving the field for second plain.

However, the government promotes a supplying campaign, where in the periodical Post office of the People (1975, p.2), he is published in the following way: ' ' The purple lands of the Paran, where everything that plants of, … the federal government this initiating this week a supplying campaign, prioritizing the agriculturists, who want to have lucratividade' ' , it is noticed in this acknowledgment that the government tried to convince the agriculturists to come back toward the field, that is, the economic miracle caused a great agricultural exodus due to the propagandas you disorder, ' ' the speech is the place where if it can observe the relation between language and ideology, understanding itself as the language it produces sensible for sujeitos' ' (ORLANDI, 2003, P. 17). With the disordered habitacional increase in the great cities, referencialmente in Porto Alegre, the periodical Post office of the People make reference to reference the project ' ' Renascena' ' , where in the periodic one they are detached the advantages of the city concerning infraesturuas and no moment cites the removed families.


Word courses are a great help to those who want to use this tool the best handle possible, because on many occasions this program or handled half or in definitive is not known to operate and it is well known by most people in the world, Word is a tool that has become almost as essential for anyone, because this program is the text editor that it circulates in this field and besides this is a product of Microsoft there its great dissemination and its vast applicability and the importance of taking courses from Word to work with him in the best way. To learn how to use this program in the correct manner, in different pages of Internet information has been provided free of charge so that all those who want to better manage this essential tool to do so through the courses of Word they offer, in addition to the favoravilidad that you can perform Word courses from the comfort of home, at your own pace, so may who find these courses in Word want to take the full course to be able to perfectly handle the editor of text, or simply there will be those who take the option of taking different courses of Word that there is in the pages of Internet only to fill the gaps which have in certain topics. Among the different topics that are handled in the Word courses that predominate are: the introduction which describes that it is or what the program of Microsoft Word, its elements and how to start it, the next part of the Word courses are the management of documents, where they are made, they eliminatemodify and saved documents, one third of which Word courses are composed are tasks with text where you can write, delete, copy, paste, move, and modify the text, is then passed to lines and bullets, correcting grammar and spelling, applying styles to the text, inserting images, tables and columns, without however these issues are the ones who must see in Word courses as minimum elements, as it must be taken into account that Word offers many more tools but are not usually handled by that are configurations that initially brings the program such as measures of pages, margins, other items that are not discussed much is the publication of documents from Word to the Internet, different combinations that have keys, among many other tools that are usually not handled not that are not useful but that in the basic courses provided very little information on tools a little more advanced to the common use. You must keep in mind that Word courses must be constantly watching, since new ones are made to spend some time versions of programs and making modifications considerable when handling Word, currently Word 2007 for some people can be somewhat complicated, mostly for someone who has a file in Word 2007, and you want to view in the one previous to this usually cannot be see, because it has no knowledge of which formats are supported, is why it is very important to stress the different courses in Word you can make from the Internet, in pages guides such as,,.