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The Company

Continually I thought that I could have done different, and he felt by having embarked on that company. This man didn’t mind that that error was not more than an experience from which you could learn a valuable lesson. After some workshops, this man began to understand and improve the relationship with that brother and now they have managed to rebuild the company and sell it with great benefits. When we identify a negative pattern we can ask ourselves: what benefit out of this experience? What’s positive in it? If we are honest we can learn to meet these needs in a way more positive and not harmful to us. Some people ill as a way to draw the attention of their close ones.

Sure there is a more positive way to meet that need which leads them to seek attention so painfully. We take care of our body our welfare largely depends on how we feel in our body. If we do not eat properly, exercise, we do etc it will be very difficult to make us feel good. The acceptance and respect for ourselves necessarily passes through the care of our body. There are very few people who really know which is how to eat right for them: type of food they agree, when, as they must be cooked processed, refined foods, sugar, milk, etc are all foods that we should avoid in our diets.

We can think: but I do not notice anything in reality is like a drop of mud in a glass of mud, we don’t notice anything. And however if we miss a drop of water in a glass of clean water the effect is overwhelming. In the same way the human body is made to be in motion and not to spend 8-10 hours sitting in a Chair. Let’s make statements positive statements spoken forcefully looking in a mirror have very positive results. As we all know our beliefs create our experiences. We chose what to think. Positive affirmations are ways to reprogram our thoughts towards other more positive and beneficial. The claims those with inner strength have a powerful impact on our unconscious, they are creating new experiences and patterns of thoughts. The evidence here is of utmost importance. OK we already at this moment do not expect to have arranged things or to change others to accept you and respect you as you are. The moment of power is always in the present, now. From the moment in which we ourselves, we attract people who also want to and who we want to. The objective is to achieve unconditional love, and to achieve this we must begin by loving and accepting ourselves. We’re not here to please others or to live in accordance with their guidelines. We can only live in our own way and walk our own path. When we abandon the planet we will not take our couple, car, House, etc., but our capacity to love. 2008, Anne shipyards. Coach, writer and motivational speaker at international level.


Difficulties in the way of overcoming talk a little of the conditioning that exists that it makes it difficult to overcome is do no perhaps a feeling that one is already as it is and that’s the end of history? however, in parallel all of us keep in a place of mind an image of what could be, in other words, our ideal scenario. What such if we seek, in an act of great imagination, in our head that image, whether it’s ourselves being rich, with family, or love or in place that we yearn for well, already you’re thinking about that? Do you have the clear image of your ideal reality? Now, let’s ask ourselves very sincerely why it is that not we are in fact dealing that reality, if that it is what you want at the bottom of our soul prejudices, causes, obstacles do Redordais the The Matrix film?. In fact there are prefabricated models and prejudices, generated by a series of social sources, in order to keep one in a sort of parallel to his own ideal here reality must be an exercise of the type of Alcoholics Anonymous, which consists in seeing us in this our reality and a comparison with the ideal that we thought before, and do so with complete sincerity and without mental obstacles the result tends to be a little frustrating to think openly, at the conscious level, but we are sensitive people and there is a reason why we’re not here right?.And we all know that we are not the totality of what we could be. But, why? We move forward a little, if you think: we why aren’t everything that could be? Be possibilities are endless, and we know very well that our potential is also true. We can mention factors both internal and external; internally the image you have of yourself, include for example what you have been told all your life that you are, and between the external are institutions such as religion and the State in any way conspiring (ey, beware of this word, which does not put us on the black list, better said on the negroJ website) does not they have much gain for them that each of us is a God or Yes?, it is much more lucrative that there is a God and we are all fearful servants. Not be if remember that another film 1984.

or maybe we are being too paranoid and reality is not so terribly manipulative, and in fact gives a good place to freedom? Empirically, however, it is undeniable that we are programmed to not be able to access to certain of our own potential. Ethnocentrism, which generates the tenets of other cultures we can not see as legitimate, and so let us be – so to speak – is also found within external variables, slaves from that in which we were born near the Idea if we didn’t have all these bandages cultural and personal in the eyes, we could probably operate much closer to the naturalness of a child, and we would be like babies on contact with the natural laws. But this basic clarity that the sages of humanity have shown since the beginning of time (see for example the) teachings of the Tao Te Ching) will have been censoring, to the detriment of individual growth.

Supreme Court

Aboard the ship is where performs its first presentation in public, at the age of 13, playing tango: silence in the night, accompanied by another passenger a santiaguera concert pianist. Several Spanish emigrants come with her. All later with the passing of time recognize it from the boat, and is recurdan of that action. Cuban radio station Cmq-radio started the 1st of December 1937 a program of amateur – directed by Jose Antonio Alonso-call: the Court Supreme of art, which was very popular at that time there were talent, real national stars. As a peculiar characteristic contestants were eliminated through the touch of a campaign. Rosita asked and insisted one and thousand times enable their parents participate, until he convinced them. On September 12, 1938 was presented in the studies of Monte and Prado, singing milonga the daughter of Juan Simon accompanied by the Andalusian Manolo pulled on guitar.

That day was born for art: Rosita Fornes and not played you the campaign. Thus arises that star, that has become a myth of Cuba. He would then begin his artistic preparation receiving music lessons with Juan Antonio Camara; singing with tenor Mariano Melendez and the teachers Lalo Elosegui, Dominicis and Dalmau; acting with the great actress Enriqueta Sierra and dances with Margarita Lecuona. With the emerging stars of the program, it continued to participate – as amateur – radio programs and in national tours led by German Pinelli. With the same group, he participated in the choir and danced in the contradanza in a sunset of Cecilia Valdes (Roig) – paper that would make Estrellita Diaz – that the own maestro Gonzalo Roig, performed at the National Theatre (today Sala Garcia Lorca in the Gran Teatro de La Habana).

USB Memory

A USB memory (initials belonging to Universal Serial Bus, driver Universal serial) is, compared to other systems of memory stick, a practical solution to transport, Exchange and query data on any PC. Both its speed and its resistance to mechanical damage make them an excellent choice for transporting data and even run programs. Operating systems (and computers) recent allow you to deploy these teams. However, it is advisable to have some care to extend his (already by itself) long existence. Remember to take care of your memory USB sticks are supremely resistant, but its particular operation obliges us to be careful to protect the data that they contain.

These are some tips to protect your information and your memory: always keep a backup of your data. Although USB sticks are fairly reliable, the teams are not so and can have mechanical damage affecting the data on your USB stick e, even (because they are portable) may be lost or end in the hands of organized crime. Therefore, always keep a copy of important data that is loaded into its memory. Carefully remove the USB protocol memories flash is delicate. Removing a USB memory stick at the wrong time (for example, in the midst of an operation) can cause irreparable damage in the form of store data.

Disconnect and suspend functions before removing the USB memory port. Clean frequently the resistance of a memory is such that easily support dust, moisture and other harmful factors for other means of storing data. You may not directly affect the data, but can damage the delicate ports on your computer. Wipe the contacts with a cloth to prevent dirt build up or create corrosion. Clean frequently (with an antivirus) all memory can result of a computer virus to another. Remember to always carry out maintenance to their memories with an antivirus. It is the best way to protect your computer and data stored on a USB memory. A USB memory can last a lifetime (in (theory, because it’s very recent technologies). It is worth giving the best care.

Rustic Pathways

Madrid, Spain, February 11, 2011 during the past 25 years, and in order to improve the educational offer and adapt to the new times, this booklet – which somehow constitutes the reference in international education sector-has evolved to become what is. It’s a careful selection of courses, broadcast almost all exclusively on the Spanish market by ASTEX, carried out in the most prestigious institutions in the world, and that cover all the needs of both in the field of language training, as in school and university education. As major developments in the United Kingdom, we have combined course of English and English camp programs. For us, they are added to the brochure, level of Harvard or Yale universities. In addition, and thinking of those students who with 16 years proficient in one or two languages perfectly, and look for formulas that will enable them to further improve their language, and to acquire new both educational and personal experiences, ASTEX has deepened in that direction, reaching an exclusivity agreement with the Rustic Pathways leading American company in the Organization of programs of adventure and community service for youth 15 to 18 years throughout the world.