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Nobody doubts the benefits of honey, a lightweight, natural food, delicious and energy. Traditionally associated with the sweeter flavors, sometimes even too much, its sweetness depends however on numerous factors such as the type of flowers with which is made. In the manufacture of cosmetics it is used for its nutritious and softening properties. In the composition of perfumes, to include a gourmet soft touch and non-invasive. Many successful fragrances have accents of honey. Charlie Red, the re-reading of the legendary Charlie de Revlon 1993, includes honey as one of their notes base. Charlie is an iconic perfume of a new model of woman, that in the 1980s went to the conquest of a working world then dominated only by men.

The fragrance of the new Executive combines accents floral, fruity and Oriental, for a new type of woman, strong, intelligent, successful and decisive, while at the same being sensual and feminine. Another classic recorded in the popular imagination, First of Van Cleef & Arpels, incorporates a soft note of honey in your base. It is a fragrance of worship, released in 1976 but inspired by the floral composition – aldehydic of early 20th century. A classical, mature, sophisticated and elegant composition that managed to reconcile to large audience with a chemical note strong such as aldehydes. Honey is amalgamated to perfection at its base with a series of chords typically Oriental, such as vetiver, amber, sandalwood wood, vanilla, tonka bean, or the musk. The Eastern base + honey is repeated in the Elizabeth Arden Red Door classic, released in 1989.

Once again, the honey makes its delicate contribution to round off another fragrance refined, elegant and extreme sophistication. In this case, with the help of the Heliotrope and cedar. Eau du Soir was for several years the personal fragrance of the Countess Isabelle d Ornano. A very special part of her husband, Hubert birthday gift d Ornano, creator of the signing of Sisley cosmetics and perfumes. Hubert, however, was able to convince Isabelle share it with other women (to the) perfume, clear), and since 1999 Eau de Soir, a floral Cyprus with a modern touch, captivates all elegant and sophisticated ladies on the planet.

Hadron Collider

It is now known that an object Yes particle – by minimum mass having cannot never achieved the speed of light, since this increases in geometric progression with speed, and just before reaching the speed of light would be infinite mass. Acceleration occurs through super-conductive magnets and simultaneously match bursts through the inside of the ducts. It is easier that they collide two bullets fired from the ground and the Moon two atoms in the Hadron, they collide Hadrons are all via smaller.-electrical energy needed for magnets reaches 147 k/amps. for which you need a power cord which is found in a regime of 260 degrees to be able to withstand such intensity, will get similar temperature thanks to the dangerous gas helium. -260 K is the lowest temperature known, being the deep space, or absolute zero. Everything is synchronized by 150 computers connected together as if one only were, for an operation that lasts a few nano-segundos. A person who embrace the duct would be killed by radiations emitted during operation almost instantly.

By which quarks! A Microbe deposited in one page of paper has no perception of the 3rd dimension – or known – you will only see and be known in the flat horizontal longitudinal and transversely, the dimension height for him does not exist. Human being knows, sees and experiences in four dimensions if we count the time – in the Hadron Collider, the consequence of the clash of them generates a new particle, Quark, remember that in the universe nothing is created or destroyed, is transformed! This particle has a property, and it has been recently demonstrated, with collision, go scattered in all directions, until here everything is normal, but there are some that change of material dimension, disappear, that do not disintegrate, acquiring another State of matter. In search of the divine particle. Now the concern of the brains are, in as develop the zero moment of the universe, dark matter not the dark side, as I heard yesterday, and black holes are only step – from the dear Quark traced far let carry seeking the first particle of the universe, scientists have already dubbed it as: the particle’s divine, which is the Bosson of Higs and get to all the bottom of quantum mechanics. I remember the novel Dune that that civilization wise manipulate space to travel enormous distances, folding space. Perhaps this utopia can become a reality, we do not know when or where at the moment will only keep dreaming.


Today I will begin with a definition of the language as place of dialectical contradiction of appropriation and linguistic exchange, aiming to mark the complete change of perspective that makes us very well, as game input, missing operate talking about what I said when I tried to answer the question what is thinking?. We had, in effect, analysis of what, in the language relieves certain (fully implicit) cognitive processes we have studied what, in, relieves it entirely of sociology, i.e. of the permanent (and completely implicit) contradiction of divergence and convergence (which, by bad luck, you know very well) constituent of the person. And therefore, the anthropology of Jean Gagnepain proved that the two plans of rationality (rationality verbal and social rationality) were clinically, entirely autonomous. I’ll begin by illustrating this dialectic opposition on the basis of the existence of languages.

Remember: do, said them, all balloon dolphins speak the delfiniano, if we cannot say that all men speak the antroninano? Simply because as the other animals – dolphins seek to communicate with each other, instead what characterizes the man, it is precisely the rejection of what we call, in ordinary language the communication! It is necessary to understand, in fact, that there is no man from the moment in which this says to the other: I am not you, that is, you know, we started by making a hole to support us ourselves and our neighbour, pit that it makes us very much, then fill, under penalty of being condemned to the idiom, in the etymological sense of the term (the idiots(, in ancient Greek, are those who remain locked up in its uniqueness). In other words makes us always translate, translation that it is necessary to have the entire actual communication model. That means that if they admit this dialectic opposition of divergence and convergence, we can call it a language? We are not going to find another example.

San Carlos De Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is located in the province of Black River in the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National Park and the Lake Nahuel Huapi. It is a city almost indefinable in one word. Only the harmony achieved on very different aspects get crack. One of eternity exceptional and specific cultural events are inserted into this balanced collection of qualities. Located at 1,640 kms of the City of Buenos Aires, San Carlos de Bariloche awaits us with nature and beautiful landscapes.

With large infrastructure of hotels and restaurants that originated more than eight decades. This beautiful city is not only a must for students in their final year journey, but also Bariloche welcomes guests from around the world who enjoy its privileged landscapes, tourist services and facilities of a major ski resorts of the continent , Cerro Catedral. Tourism Tourism is the main economic activity of Bariloche. You can make excursions or field trips depending on the geographic characteristics of the time. By example in winter are exclusive ski resorts. The largest ski resort is in Cerro Catedral, where the temperatures are very low and can accumulate feet of snow on top. No less important is the Cerro Otto which also Nordic skiing, Nordic or cross country.

Because of its height above sea level, in shelters and on the mountain's always colder and more wind blows, a factor that causes low windchill. The city is at the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National Park and is the gateway (water) of the National Park protects an estimated Myrtle myrtle forest. Catamarans are used for excursion rides. Bariloche, welcomes you all year national and international tourism. The peak tourist seasons are winter high season, which runs from July to August. The city revels in its activities to the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi. In the tourist circuit is required to visit the hill Tronador Mascardi passing by the lake where they can be lake tours, visiting the Black Glacier Glacier. The effect of thawing rivers water is crystal clear and very cold at all times. Likewise, where the temperature rarely reaches 33 C, usually in March, many use to sunbathe on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Some of these beaches are La Serena and La Bonita. You may visit extensive trails, marvel at the beauty of its mountains, lakes and glaciers. Bariloche, has several walking trails on horseback, and Piedras Blancas. Rodolfo Lima specialist.