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While traveling, I always wanted to know how people live in the city, where I went. Unfortunately, the travel agency are aware of these desires of their clients. So they send the "settlement" of local residents 'villages', where is set and the external surroundings for tourists. When the group disperse Photography natives dress in ordinary clothes, turn on the TV and drink a Coke. I have a chance to tell you about the city where I live. Of course, I can not know how life is arranged for all residents, but …

It's just not a tourist glance. So, Munich … The Italians consider him the most northern city of their country, although in all territorial and Public grounds – it is still in Germany. This opinion has earned the city because it is different from all his fellow-language special beauty. In the first few months of my stay in Munich I was walking on city for several hours a day. I wanted to absorb what is then lost, no longer evident. The city lives its life. Full, rich and in many ways different from what I saw in Moscow.

Here, the machine go very slowly, as if gently, reminding the beautiful animals, who are afraid of people. I long to get used to the fact that pedestrians can cross the road even with your eyes closed. The whole street will freeze if you came to the pedestrian transition. The same happens even if you cross the road in the wrong place.

Moto Honda CGR Storm Bikes

Bikes at Parque del Plata – Uruguay”in Parque del Plata, COCO bikes invites you to visit the CGR125 Storm, an urban bike of excellent quality which arrived in Uruguay from the hand of HONDA. Indeed, as a means of adapting to an important part of the local market, Honda opted to the range of motorcycles of low engine displacement, with careful design and excellent performance, especially designed for urban use. We see your tab? HONDA 125 CC motorbike model STORM CGR125 STORM displacement: 124,1 cc changes: 5-speed fuel tank: 14 litres (2 litres reserve) clutch: Manual front brake: hydraulic disc / 240 mm rear brake: drum / 110 mm dry weight 120.5 kg the bike Honda Storm CGR 125 popularly known as Storm was designed and manufactured by HONDA MOTORS seeking to become Uruguay motorcycle preferred to be used to work in the city and at the same time show an air more sports. Today can ensure that by their quality and performance has had wide acceptance in all Uruguay, where HONDA, a world leader in the manufacture of engines, delivers exceptional quality products and properly secured.

The secret to getting the greatest benefit to this bike? Use it to what was developed: comings and goings around the city without many expenses and problems. Aesthetically pleasing for urban use and comfortable seats for both driver and front passenger, is an economic – approximately 40 km/liter – bike, totally simple mechanics and spare parts are cheap which reinforces their adequacy to the needs of the user, in this case people who use it for work in the city, walk or move permanently by her. The disadvantages or cons that can be mentioned appear related to a different use for which it was developed. One against the Storm is that they did very bad reputation on the street for being Chinese and the other is not passing 100 / 120 km as normal.

British Isles

Are you looking for a perfect place for your single farewell? Well look no further. Seville in southern Spain can offer you everything you want and need. We first mentioned the thing most important, Seville does not cold so there is no chance that your weekend will be ruined by a downpour, which we know is very likely if you decide to go somewhere in the British Isles. Secondly, the nightlife. Seville is home to a wide variety of bars and clubs. If you visit during the summer months the bars with outdoor terraces are an excellent choice because you dance all night under stars. Once you have closed for the autumn / winter can still choose a place for a large selection of clubs and bars that satisfy all tastes.

If you want adventure, near Seville might make adrenaline charged skydiving, closure, or other activities. Or Arab baths provided the perfect place for the ladies who want to relax. In terms of accommodation, a hotel in Seville is not difficult find. As with most things in this city it is possible to find a hotel in Seville for all tastes. Thanks to cheap flights is quick and easy to get to this fabulous place.